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Daily Bleed for February 24th

& cold madness wandered
aimlessly about the house.

— Czeslaw Milosz

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German Marxist world systems theorist, committed historian.

Early Rome: FEAT OF REGIFUGIUM (The Flight of
Kings) involving changing (& ritual sacrifice?) of
annual kings.


1809 -- England: New Drury Lane Theatre burns to the ground while
owner Richard Sheridan (The School for Scandal), is having a drink
at a neighboring coffeehouse. With characteristic calm Sheridan

"A man may surely be allowed to take a glass
of wine by his own fireside."

1821 -- Mexico declares independence from Spain.
The US will soon partake the opportunity to rip-off a huge
hunk of that bloated fledgling nation...
"Manifest Destiny" doncha know...

1852 -- Irish novelist/poet George Moore lives. Oscar Wilde
later complains:

"Know him? I know him so well that
I haven't spoken to him in 10 years."

1889 -- France: Emile Pouget's "Le Pere Peinard" begins publishing.
A signatory to the "Charter of Amiens" (1906), endorsed by the CGT,
Pouget also wrote numerous books & pamphlets, including Direct
Action (1910), & Sabotage.

1912 -- US: Labor activist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn heads
"Bread & Roses" Lawrence Textile Strike of 20,000 women
in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Police attack 150 children &
their parents at the town railroad station.

As we go marching, marching
In the beauty of the day
A million darkened kitchens
A thousand mill lofts grey
Are touched with all the radiance
That a sudden sun discloses
For the people hear us singing
Bread & Roses, Bread & Roses...

— James Oppenheim (1912)

1917 -- Russia: February Revolution: a Petrograd bread riot turns to
revolution as soldiers refuse to fire on demonstrators & instead turn
on their officers. The arsenal is taken; 20,000 automatic pistols are
handed out; the police stations are torched, & the prisons stormed
& liberated.

1944 -- Great pianist to the Beatles, the Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Steve
Miller, & Quicksilver Messenger Service, & others — Nicky Hopkins lives.
Died at age 50 in 1994 of complications from intestinal surgery, presumably
related to Hopkins' Crohn's Disease.

1966 -- US: Barry Bondhus dumps 10 pounds of his own poop
on draft files... "Along with wheelbarrows of desire, buckets
of shit will stop the war in Vietnam".


"I've been floating in this river of shit/
Over 20 years & I'm gettin' tired of it/
But I've got to keep swimming in this river of shit, 'cause
I don't want to die.../
Who was it that set up this system/
This supposedly democratic system/
Where we're always voting for the lesser of two evils/
Was George Washington the lesser of two evils?/
Sometimes I wonder. Some politicians say we've got to stop violence
in this country/
While he's spending 15,000 dollars a second snuffing gooks.../
River of shit, bringing health, wealth, & prosperity to every man,
women, & child."

— Tuli Kupferberg, songster, poet, Fug


1968 -- US: Pete Seeger is allowed to sing his previously
censored "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" on the "Smothers
Brothers Comedy Hour". The show itself is eventually axed.

Waist deep, neck deep
We'll be drowning before too long
We're neck deep in the Big Muddy
& the damn fools keep yelling to push on

1971 -- Japan: Children battle riot police at Sanrizuka. They
receive an education no school can provide, in study groups —
as they & their families fight for their lives.

"How can we go to school when our land is about to be taken?"

1984 -- England: Dirty Dishes? Nine "char-women" enter a
communications base to "clean" satellite dishes, in Cornwall.

1991 -- US-led coalition begins ground war against Iraqi troops.
There is great concern Iraq will launch biological weapons based
on anthrax & botulism which a US company has sold them with
approval of the US Commerce Department against Pentagon opposition.

2001 -- Mexico: Zapatistas march on Mexico City.

2003 -- England: British Marxist historian Christopher Hill dies, Oxfordshire.

Daily Bleed Saint 2003-2005
Dean of British Marxist historians, worlds turned upside down.


Your problem is not your life as it is
in America, not that your hands, as you
tell me, are tied to do something. It is
that you were born to an island of greed
and grace where you have this sense
of yourself as apart from others. It is
not your right to feel powerless. Better
people than you were powerless."

— from "Return" in
The Country Between Us
by Carolyn Forche


— anti-copyRite 1997-3666 or thereabouts

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