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Daily Bleed for January 24th

"I have paid you a rare compliment;
I have assumed that you mean what you say."

— Nero Wolfe

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Japanese anarchist activist, martyr.

PAUL PITCHER DAY: Cornish tin miners traditionally
set up a pitcher in a public place & threw stones
at it to destroy it.

A replacement pitcher was then bought &
filled with beer, which was replenished
throughout the day as they drank from it.

The miners were great inventors for reasons
to celebrate; this one was a rebellion against
the rule that only water was to be drunk
during work time.

TRICKNOLOGY DAY, celebrating the clever
tricks of a ruling-class conspiracy.


1869 -- Spain: In Madrid, Giuseppe Fanelli (sent by
Bakunin) gathers the first Spanish group to join the
First International & sows the seeds of anarchism
among the peasants & workers with lasting effect
for over the next century.

1892 -- Uganda: Battle at Mengo: Doing God's work,
French missionaries attack British missionaries.

The victors force the vanquished to perform
unspeakable acts — in the missionary
position, right?

1911 -- Japan: Shusui Kotoku (1871-1911) & 11 other
anarchists hanged for a plot against the Japanese
emperor's life.

1913 -- Franz Kafka stops work on Amerika, which he
never completes, never writing again. His signature
work is the novella Metamorphosis. Dystopian

Ion Caramitru .... Solemn Anarchist
Hilde van Mieghem .... Female Anarchist
Jan Nemejovsky .... Mustachioed Anarchist
Toon Agterberg .... Youthful Anarchist

— cast of Steven Soderbergh's film "Kafka," (1991).

1915 -- Italy: In Pisa, the Italian anarchists declare themselves
against the war. Malatesta later vigorously protests against the
interventionist's "Manifesto of the 16" (issued by Kropotkin, Jean
Grave & 13 others in 1916).

1929 -- US: Emily Dickinson poems found that had been
hidden for 40 years.

1935 -- US: First canned beer appears, Krueger Finest Beer.

Up next? Canned Music!!

1941 -- HEY!! AIN'T THIS THE USA!!!!!!!
Lenus Westman (D) is denied his seat in the Washington
State Senate for "Communist sympathies."

1949 -- John Belushi lives, Chicago.

1952 -- US: Minimum wage raised to 75¢ an hour.
May happen all over again in 2011.

1955 -- US: Ira Hamilton Hayes, a Native American
(Pima) who was one of six US Marines to raise the
American flag at Iwo Jima during WWII, dies of exposure.

Two summers ago during one of our trips around
the SW, French & I found the stone memorial to
Ira Hayes on his reservation in AZ.

It was cracked, the plaque vandalized, the
square on which it sat full of litter & weeds.

— Bleedster Ruth S.

1970 -- It's announced that John Lennon & Yoko Ono
have shaved their heads to commemorate the start of
Year One for Peace.

"We're all Christ & we're all Hitler. We are trying to
make Christ's message contemporary. We want Christ
to win. What would he have done if he had advertisements,
TV, records, films & newspapers? The miracle today is
communication. So Let's use it."

1990 -- Panama: Tootin' Tortillas!?! Cocaine allegedly found in
Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Noriega's HQ turns out to
be corn tortillas. The dictator was once America's sweetheart &
on the CIA payroll, but things went south.

1992 -- Time Flies? El Salvador: US-supported Salvadoran officers
convicted of murdering Jesuits get 30 years in jail (they are released
in 1993).

1998 -- Cuba: Pope John Paul II calls for release of political
prisoners. Yup. (& you think he's referring to the American prison
at Gitmo....)

2000 -- US: Irvington students form an 'anarchist' club.
Said Ariel Schwitalla, 15:

"We're the salmon running against the stream."

2002 -- US: The FBI & Secret Service Los Angeles Joint-terror
Task Force armed with sub-machine guns, shotguns, & bullet-proof
vests raids the home of 18-year old Sherman Austin, webmaster of & founder of RTF Direct Action Network.

"Austin appears to be the victim of a serious
miscarriage of justice..." — Noam Chomsky


& then revolts break out as storms break out
in the burning summer sky. Resolute &
savage men, led by the kind of bearded
colossus like an ancient god, wrested beams
from the workshops & hurled them like
catapults against the armor-plated palace
doors. The most cautious had made their
get-away; others had fallen under the first
blows & these were precisely the people who
had never wanted to believe in the revolt,
maintaining that these rumors had no
foundation & were started by greedy bankers
who aimed to cause a fall in prices & then
speculate afterwards on the rise which would
follow the denial of the alarming rumors.
These were the same people who always
ended their optimistic speeches by phrases
such as: Our people have too much good sense.



— anti-ArmorPlated, 2006,7,8,9,0,1

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