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Daily Bleed for December 3rd

I'm going to write a heart that knows no arithmetic
that won't leave some to one side
& others on the floor in fractions
that suffers only childbirth & feigned illness
I'm going to fly a heart like a comet
one of blood & cosmic dust
a mixing of earth with stars
a heart that has no country
that knows no borders
a heart that will never be fired
that has never signed a single check
that has never had a strongbox
a heart, unnerving, unnameable
something simple & sweet,
a heart that has loved.

— Rosario Murillo , excerpt from
"I'm Going to Plant a Heart on Earth,"
translated by Barbara Paschke

Daily Bleed in full, the web page has a coupla pictures
& few more entries than this "short" email...


Inspired Soviet celebrator of the New Man (for a while.)

Alternate Saint:

Gay American historian, activist, independent scholar.

China: FEAST OF LU-HSING, the Stellar God of Happiness.

England: FESTIVAL OF NEPTUNE: Marine saturnalia &
on-beach picnics (weather permitting).



1805 -- France: Fourier publishes his Universal Harmony
(or 1803?), announcing the theory of "passional attraction"
which will "lead the human race to opulence, to sensual
pleasures, to the unity of the globe." But, hey, who has time?

1854 -- Australia: Eureka Rebellion suppressed. December 2004
the 150th anniversary of the Rebellion is celebrated.

1866 -- Quality Time?: US: Textile strikers win 10-hour
work day, Fall River, Massachusetts.

1894 -- Robert Louis Stevenson, 44, dies suddenly of
apoplexy in Apia, Samoa

Superb travel writer, conspiratologist, adventure novelist.

1897 -- William Gropper (1897-1977), artist, lives.
A Social Realist.

1903 -- US: Cooper Union mass meeting protests in NY City
against anti-anarchist proceedings against John Turner,
who is still awaiting deportation.

1906 -- US: Bucks the Trend?: US Supreme Court jails
Samuel Gompers & other worker-union organizers for
violating an injunction against Buck's Stove & Range Co.

1910 -- Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
Brotherhood of Timber Workers Union organized.

1921 -- England: Anti-authoritarian educator
A.S. Neill establishes his school, Summerhill.

1927 -- US: Blind Willie Johnson records

"Dark Was
The Night
(Cold Was

This haunting impression of the 'lining out' of a hymn &
church 'moaners' in prayer is the distillation, filtered through
generations of African-American experience, of a hymn
penned in 1792 by English cleric Thomas Haweis as
"Gethsemane." Johnson was the greatest of the 'guitar
evangelists' who enjoyed a brief vogue on record before the
Depression. His work was widely influential and enduring:
Roebuck "Pops" Staples still performs Johnson's "Nobody's
Fault But Mine." (For more of Johnson's music, see The
Complete Recordings of Blind Willie Johnson
Columbia/Legacy C2K 52835.)

1931 -- US: Unemployment in American reaches 13.5 million —
almost 1/3 of the American work force.

"This old town should have burned down in 1931
When the rain refused to come
Air filled up our bellies
And dust filled up our lungs,
We thought our time had come."

— Janis Ian & Jon Vezner

"Nobody is actually starving. The hobos, for example,
are better fed than they have ever been.

One hobo in New York got ten meals in one day."

— Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader
President Herbert Hoover

1946 -- US: Gay American historian, activist Allan Bérubé lives.

“None of us can do our best work until we believe
that the life of the mind really does belong to us.”

1946 -- General Strike in Oakland, California. 100,000
workers from 142 AFL unions — including workers
from factories, industries, services, retail stores,
transportation systems & more — declare
a "work holiday" & walked off their jobs.

Bars were allowed to stay open, but they could
serve only beer & had to put their juke boxes
out on the sidewalk to play at full volume & no charge.

'Pistol Packin' Mama, Lay That Pistol Down,'
the number one hit, echoed off all the buildings.

1953 -- During this month, the foundation of the
International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus begins.

1956 -- Soviet artist Aleksandr Rodchenko dies.

1969 -- John Lennon is offered role of Jesus Christ
in "Jesus Christ Superstar."

"I would've been a
fisherman, but I
can't, because I'm a
fucking genius!"

1997 -- Abe Bluestein, a lifelong activist, dies, age 88.
See the Anarchist Encyclopedia,

1999 -- WTO Day Four: World Trade Organization
delegates meet as the core off-limits area is reduced
from a 50 block area of downtown Seattle to 25 blocks.
Over 600 protesters have now been arrested & most
denied access to lawyers or phones.

2000 -- Gwendolyn Brooks, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet,
dies at 83. Her candidly written poetry often delved into
poverty, racism & drugs.

2000 -- US: Florida... anarchy rains... & reigns...

2002 -- US: Dummy Up? An antimissile missile, in a test delayed
by weather, scores a hit on a dummy warhead; now, as long as
the weather is clear & the enemy puts homing beacons on its
warheads (no dummy he/she), we are probably safe
(no dummy us).

2005 -- The Netherlands: The 7th Annual Dutch Anarchist Bookfair
at De Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, Utrecht.

... what
is virtue but the lack of strong temptation;
better to leave us with our lie of being good.

— Stephen Dobyns, in "Bleeder"


Got your flu vaccination?

— anti-SpanishJail, 1997--30062345, more or less

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