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Daily Bleed for December 13th

Let us have madness openly.
    0 men Of my generation.
    Let us follow
    The footsteps of this slaughtered age:
    See it trail across Time's dim land
    Into the closed house of eternity
    With the noise that dying has,
    With the face that dead things wear –
    nor ever say
    We wanted more; we looked to find
    An open door, an utter deed of love,
    Transforming day's evil darkness;
    but We found extended hell & fog Upon the earth,
    & within the head
    A rotting bog of lean huge graves.

           — Kenneth Patchen, "Let Us Have Madness"

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"Naturalist of the Public Nightmare." Poet, artist, hellraiser.

Alternate Patron Saint: FLOYD RED CROW
American Indian Movement activist, musician, artist, actor.

ST. LUCY'S DAY: In Scandinavia, a day for boisterous
winter fun... Singing must be loud enough to frighten off
the gnomes. Loaves of ceremonial bread are baked in
shape of cats (echo of pre-Christian sacrifices to earth
powers) formerly a procession followed a cow with
candles on her horns.
In Hungary, witches ride broomsticks & boys & girls
pull all  the pranks they can get away with.


1795 -- According to SciFi author Philip Jose Farmer, a meteor
impacts near Wold Newton, Yorks — beginning of the Wayne Newton
families. [The family tree what Fig Newtons come from??]

1797 -- Lyric poet, satirist, rebel Heinrich Heine lives,
Dusseldorf, Germany. He prophesies:

             "Wherever they burn books,
              they will also, in the end burn human beings."

              HEINRICH HEINE 1997 SAINT
              Tragic poet of the "mattress grave,"
              revolutionist, comrade.

1895 -- Lucia Sanchez Saornil (1895-1970) lives, Madrid.
Spanish poet, painter & militant anarchist.
Co-founded "Mujeres Libres"

1903 -- No More Drooling?: Italo Marcioni patents the ice
cream cone, New Jersey.

1908 -- Seattle police take Emma Goldman into custody
after the lock on a closed hall is broken to allow Emma entry
to speak; released when she promises to leave the city.  

    Freedom is so grand...sometimes you actually
    have the freedom to leave.

1911 -- American poet Kenneth Patchen lives. Author
(The Journal of Albion Moonlight; Memoirs of a Shy
) poet (Sleepers Awake, Poems
of Humor & Protest
), playwright. Pioneered jazz poetry
("Kenneth Patchen Reads with the Chamber Jazz Sextet").
See also Kenneth Rexroth's Bird in the Bush.

  His writings remain youth cult classics, from the
  Beats, to the hippies to today. Written before
  widespread public awareness of modern threats such
  as nuclear war & environmental devastation,
  portended today's concerns with clarity & gentle
  humor. Among his most charming/eloquent works are
  "picture poems," intuitive free verse combined with his
  fanciful paintings.

  See the very fine fan site, Kenneth Patchen Homepage:

1915 -- American/Canadian Ross Macdonald
(aka Kenneth Millar), detective (Lew Archer) novelist,
lives. Environmentalist, activist, married to author
Margaret Millar.

1918 -- US: Martin Glaberman lives (-2001). Influential
Marxist, teacher, & autoworker. Associated with the
Johnson-Forest Tendency (Trotskyite split-off), which
understood the Soviet Union as a state capitalist society
rather than as a degenerated workers' state.

1924 -- US: Death of labor honcho Samuel Gompers, 74,
president & founder of the AFL, in San Antonio,  Texass.

1926 -- Theo van Rysselberghe (1862-1926) Belgian
painter (pointillisme), dies.
Contributor, along with Paul Signac, Maximilien Luce,
Aristide Delannoy, Alexandre  Steinlen, Camille
Pissarro, Van Dongen, George Willaume, etc., to the
anarchiste magazine "Temps Nouveaux".

1930 -- Hanns Eisler/Bertolt Brecht opera "The Measures Taken"
premiers, Germany.

1932 -- Argentina: 2nd Anarchist Congress of Rosario.
Participants include Antonio Casanova among as many
as 50 delegations.

1933 -- Movie "Les Miserables" premiers, Paris.

1933 -- Spain: Some provinces experience uprisings, initiated by
anarchists. In several villages, they declare anarchist-communism,
destroy property files, & abolish the currency. But these movements
remain insulated, & the government sends in the army. As in Casas
Viejas, repression is severe: 87 dead, many arrests, tortures, &
more than 700 imprisoned.

1960 -- France: The Long Voyage & Other Tapestries (1941-1960)
by Asger Jorn & Pierre Wemaëre, with essays by Gaston Bachelard
('La Création ouverte' [Open Creation]) & Michèle Bernstein ('The
Long Voyage'), third monograph by the Bibliothèque d'Alexandrie,
Paris. It exhibits on the 16th.

1968 -- 30,057 Americans killed in Vietnam since January 1, 1961.

1971 -- US: White Panther Party founder, music critic &
author, John Sinclair (sentenced to 10 years in jail for selling
two marijuana joints) is freed.

1981 -- Poland: Dictatorship of the Proletariat declares
a "state of war" against the proletariat.

1983 -- France: 6,500 turn out in Paris as Léo Ferré
sings for a benefit to support Radio Libertaire.
Thank you Ferré:
Radio Libertaire :

1985 -- Ahrne Thorne (1904-1985) dies. Editor of
the "Freie Arbeiter Stimme."
See Paul Avrich, Anarchist Voices: An Oral History
of Anarchism in America
, page 54.

1998 -- England: McPark?: Local residents in
Hinchley Wood, Surrey, move caravans onto the parking
lot of their well-loved local pub, leased by McDonald's.

    Exactly 18 months later, of determined opposition,
    McDonald's threw in the paper towel & handed
    back the lease on the pub to the original owners.

2004 -- US: 'Bush Monkeys,' a painting by Chris Savido of
President Bush, today displays at the Animal Gallery on NY
City's Lower East Side.

    The portrait, using monkeys to form Bush's image, led to
    the closure of a NY art exhibition last weekend on
    opening night where some 2,000 patrons gathered.

    That's when the management of the upscale Chelsea Market
    shopping center took a closer gander at the painting ...
    the outraged manager went banana-apeshit, bellowing,
    "The show is over! Get this work down!," threatening the
    organizer with arrest if the monkey wasn't taken down &
    the planned one-month 60-piece group exhibit immediately

2007 -- US: American Indian Movement activist, actor Floyd Red Crow dies, Los Angeles.

                 "Not long before I worked with a poet
                 named Patchen. He was wearing his
                 scarlet jacket & sitting on a stool on a
                 little stage in a theatre you walk upstairs
                 to down on 14th street. We improvised
                 behind him while he read his poems,
                 which I read ahead of time "It's dark out,
                 Jack" — this was one of his poems —

               "It's dark out, Jack, the stations out there
               don't identify themselves, we're in it raw —
               blind like burned rats, it's running out all
               around us, the footprints of the beast, one
               nobody has any notion of. The white & vacant
               eyes of something above there, something that
               doesn't know we exist. I smell heartbreak up
               there, Jack, a heartbreak at the center of
               things, & in which we don't figure at all."

  Patchen's a real artist, you'd dig him, doctor. "I believe
  in truth" he said, "I  believe that every good thought I
  have, all men shall have. I believe that the
  perfect shape of everything has been prepared.""

              — Charles Mingus, From
                   Beneath the Underdog [p.330]

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