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Happy Birthday John Lennon!

No, no, citizen bacillus!
            Here is your monument & it stands high!
            The cars which you wore out, the clothes you tore,
            The cans you emptied, furniture you broke,
            & all the shit with which you clogged the drains.

            Si monumentum requiris, circumspice...

                                          — John Brunner, Stand on Zanzibar

Daily Bleed,


"Imagine." Martyr. Author, artist, musician. Working
Class Hero.



1776 -- San Francisco de Assisi mission started at
present site of Frisco, California.
Probably corner of Haight-Ashbury.

1906 -- Léopold Senghor, poet & cofounder of the
Negritude movement in African art & literature, lives.

1908 -- Australia: Harry Hooton (1908-1961) lives to waste
paper. Poet & anarchist. Hooten's last book was It Is Great
To Be Alive
, published by Margaret Elliot just before he died.

                    Language is not eternal. It will be replaced.
                    We are not going to talk for ever.


1922 -- Karl Capek play "R.U.R." opens in NY.

1932 -- Stalin expels two of Lenin's colleagues from
Politburo, extending his clamp-down on rivals. Gone are
Kamenev & Ninoviev from the Communist party, sent
to Siberia to play in the snow

     Like horseshoes he forges decree after decree —
     Some get it in the forehead, some in the brow, some
     in the groin, & some in the eye. Whatever the
     execution — it's a raspberry to him & his Georgian
     chest is broad.

     — Osip Mandelstam, "We Live, Not Feeling," (1934?)

1936 -- Anarchist journal "Guerre de classe," appears.
Founded by Camillo Berneri. In 1936, Berneri also published
the bilingual antifascist paper "Italia Libera/Free Italy" in
collaboration with Vernon Richards. His daughter Marie Louise
Berneri was a member of the group that edited "Revolt," "War
Commentary" & "Freedom," (still publishing today) which were
issued by the Freedom Bookstore (originally co-founded by Peter
Kropotkin) in London.

1936 -- US: During a lettuce strike in Salinas, California, red
                flags appeared around town, specifically at
                intersections & on power poles.

                    Fearing communists, the local authorities
                    took down the flags, only to discover later that
                    they were "part of a traffic check being made
                    by the state highway division."

1940 -- Future Beatle John Lennon lives, Liverpool,
England. Wrote A Spaniard in the Works (1965) &
In His Own Write (1964).

1950 -- Edna St. Vincent Millay, poet, dies at 58 in
Austerlitz, New York. One-time companion of free-love
radical & novelist Floyd Dell (Daily Bleed Saint July 22),
activist in the movement to save Sacco & Vanzetti.

1965 -- Important date in musical history!

    Jimmy Dickens' song "May the Bird of Paradise
    Fly Up your Nose" begins it's rise to number one.

1967 -- US: First edition of "Rolling Stone" magazine appears.

1967 -- Bolivia: Revolutionist Ernesto "Che" Guevara
captured & summarily executed, age 39.

1975 -- Ireland: Noel & Marie Murray arrested & charged with
murder. Prisoners' rights activists jailed for explosions. Irish
activities, on the same lines as those in the UK, become prominent
during the campaign to free the Spanish freedom fighter,
Salvador Puig Antich.

1977 -- Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Amnesty
International, also to Mairead Corrigan & Betty
Williams, militants of the Peace People movement in
Northern Ireland.

1978 -- Not "Alive & Well in Paris"?: Jacque Brel dies.

1981 -- US: American Writer's Congress, New York City, October 9-12.

1989 -- Russia: Tass reports an alien spaceship carrying giant
hominoids has landed.
(Just another plane-load of bureaucrats...)

1989 -- US: Kosher Pork? Penthouse Magazine's Hebrew edition
hits the newsstands.

1997 -- Dario Fo receives Nobel Prize for Literature,
for emulating

                                "the jesters of the Middle
                                Ages in scourging authority
                                & upholding the dignity of
                                the downtrodden."

        Italian playwright/actor, author of nearly 50 plays,
        including Accidental Death of an Anarchist (about
        the police suiciding the anarchist Pinelli out a
        window), We Can´t Pay? We Won´t Pay!, &
        The Devil with Boobs.

    Fo & his wife, writer/actress Franca Rame, were refused
    entry into the US (Zeee Land of Freedom!!) in the 1980s.

1998 -- US: Main Coarse?: Nobel Laureate neoliberal
economist Milton Friedman gets just desserts...

  BBB Field Agents Custard & Lemon Meringue
  approached him & let fly with tofu creme & sweet
  potato pies

      "The Biotic Baking Brigade doesn't just promise
       pie in the sky, we deliver"

1999 -- England: Peter Miller, labor activist, militant
anarchist, dies of cancer. A Trotskyite until he met
Albert Meltzer. Involved with Anarchist Black Cross,
Leicester Secular Society; wrote for "Black Flag,"
"Freedom," "Cienfuegos Press Anarchist Review,"
"Anarchy Magazine" & editor, in the 1970s, of the
anarchist cultural zine "Z Review."


    A springful of larks in a rolling
    Cloud & the roadside bushes brimming with
    Blackbirds & the sun of October
    On the hill's shoulder

        — Dylan Thomas, "Poem in October"


— anti-CopyRite 1997-3000, more or less

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