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Daily Bleed for Saint Crispin's Day, Oct. 25th

Daily Bleed, updated & in real color:

The Black & White of it:

Young Hegelian individualist anarchist.

Saissons, France: ST. CRISPIN'S DAY, patron saint
of shoemakers, Cobbler's procession.:

"The twenty-fifth of October,
cursed be the cobbler
who goes to bed sober".

Chadron, Nebraska: UGLY PICKUP TRUCK contest,





1474 -- Berne under Niklaus von Diesbach declares war on Burgundy.

Der Schrank von benachbartem Cabernet, groß alarmiert,
Aufträge zählen Grappa de Wino, um seine Truppen zu
mobilisieren, um weg vom Weiß zu kämpfen.

Le coffret de Cabernet voisin, considérablement alarmé, ordres
comptent Grappa de Wino pour mobiliser ses troupes pour
combattre outre des blancs.

[Rough Translation: The
cabinet of neighboring
Cabernet, greatly alarmed,
orders Count Grappa de
Wino to mobilize his troops
to fight off the Whites.
Troops everywhere get

1784 -- Gee, Thanks!?: Crown representative in Canada
gives Mohawks some of their own land.

1806 -- Germany: Ego-philosopher Max Stirner lives

"The great are great only because
we are on our knees. Let us rise!"

1854 -- "Forward, the Light Brigade!"
Was there a man dismayed?
Not tho' the soldiers knew
Someone had blundered:
Theirs was not to make reply,
Theirs was not to reason why,
Theirs was but to do and die:
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.

1862 -- Ernest Coeurderoy dies, a suicide (or the 21st).
Intern, writer, libertarian Socialist forced into exile
because of his radical positions.

Good souls of the dominant language, it is you who incite to
murder, hatred, pillage & civil war.

In the shadow of a cruel & ridiculous spectacle arises the old
war of the poor against the rich, which today, masked &
falsified by ideological refraction, is the war of the poor who
want to stay poor & the poor who want to stop being poor.

— Raoul Vaneigem, 1972, "Terrorism or Revolution,"
an introduction to Ernest Coeurderoy

1881 -- Pablo Diego Jose Francisco (etc.)
Picasso, commie doodler, lives.

"Computers are
useless. They can only
give you answers."

— Pablo Picasso

1886 -- The episode which brought Clement Duval,
the anarchiste burglar, to his ruin & part of the iconography
of the French regime, occurs.

1936 -- France: Bernard Thomas lives. Libertarian
journalist for "Canard Enchaîné".
Wrote Alexandre Marius Jacob (1970), Les provocations
(1972) & Aurore ou la génération
(1984), etc.

"…As I see things, I am not a robber. In creating man,
Nature gave him the right to live & man has the duty
to exercise that right in full. So if society fails
to provide him with the wherewithal to
survive, the human being is entitled to
seize what he needs from wherever there is plenty."

— Marius Jacob

1950 -- US: Chrysler Pres. Kaufman Keller is appointed US
director of guided missiles. America is soon the only country
whose rockets come with chrome grills, air-brakes & automatic

1955 --

I will write peace

on your wings

& you will fly

all over the


— Sadako Sasaki
Sadako Sasaki dies. Classmates folded 356 paper
cranes so that 1,000 were buried with her.

1956 -- Hungary: Councils continue to form, despite
the Russian crackdown...

"Of the tendencies toward regroupment that have
appeared over the last few years among various
minorities in the workers movement in Europe," an
unsigned text pronounces, "only the most radical
current is worth preserving: that centered on the
program of workers councils."

Internationale Situationniste #6 (August 1961).

1962 -- American author John Steinbeck awarded Nobel
Prize in literature.

1966 -- US: UCLA Teach-in. Teach your children well.

1973 -- US: Makin' the Cantaloupe Nervous?: A farmer interrupts a
meeting between space aliens & Sasquatches near Uniontown, Pa.,
& shoots one of the frisky 'squatches.
[Apparently the beasties are not on any "endangered species" list.]

1980 -- US: 225 newspapers drop the week-long "Reagan's Brain"
sequence of "Doonesbury." Against all proof contrariwise, the
US press foolishly think Beloved & Respected Comrade Acting
President Ronald Reagan has a brain. Able to adhere to such
fantasy, this proves, in the face of all proof contrariwise,
there is a free press in America.

1983 -- US troops invade Grenada following the death
of Maurice Bishop. A country 1/2,000 its population,
(US Wins! 5,000-0). Erases the humiliations of Vietnam,
proving America can whup 5th-world countries if they are
tiny enough.

Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader White House
spokesman Larry Speakes says a US invasion of
Grenada is "preposterous".

1984 -- No more Trout¿: "Hippie" novelist
Richard Brautigan suicides himself, Bolinas, California.

"At 1:30 in the morning a fart
smells like a marriage between
an avocado & a fish head."

The Final Ride

The act of dying
is like hitch-hiking
into a strange town
late at night
where it is cold
& raining,
& you are alone

1989 -- Mary McCarthy, novelist & critic, (wrote
The Group, books on the Vietnam War, etc.) dies.

1992 -- Germany: Salman Rushdie visits; the Bundestag
passes a resolution holding Iran responsible for his safety.

1993 -- South Korea: Writer Hwang Suk Young is sentenced
to eight years for visiting North Korea.

1994 -- US: Kentucky University, drooping under pressure,
agrees to redesign its logo so it looks less like a penis.

1997 -- Italy: 200,000 Communists
demonstrate for a 35-hour work week.

"Workers in the United States are putting in more hours than
anyone else in the industrialized world."

— United Nations' International Labor Organization (ILO)

2001 -- US: Congress gives police sweeping new powers to search
homes & business records secretly & eavesdrop on phone & computer

Odd how those conservatives who "hate big government" & its
intrusions always make it bigger & more intrusive, & how liberals
who claim to "defend" civil rights are so quick to give them up.

2003 -- England: The 22nd London Anarchist Bookfair.


"The glittering treasure you are
hunting for day & night lies buried
on the other side of that hill

— B. Traven,
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre


— anti-CopyRite 1997-666, more or less, & without (probly)

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