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Daily Bleed for October 21st

"Let there be joy in baseball
again, like in the days when Babe
Ruth chased an enemy
sportswriter down the streets of
Boston & ended up getting drunk
with him on the waterfront &
came back the next day munching
on hotdogs & boomed homeruns
to the glory of God."

— Jack Kerouac, "Escapade," July, 1959

Daily Bleed in full,


Croatian born Left-Communist, anti-Stalinist theorist.




1663 -- US: Jesus Smokes 'em? John Harlow fined 50 lbs
of tobacco for missing church in Warwick, Virginia.

Secondhand smoke is not a problem. If
children don't like to be in a smoky
room, they'll leave. (As for infants,)
... at some point, they crawl.

— Charles Harper, chairman, RJR Tobacco Company

1772 -- Romantic poet/critic Samuel Taylor Coleridge lives.

1796 -- First parachute jump, from a balloon, Paris, France.
(Don't know the result, probably don't want to know.)

O, gentlemen, the time of life is short!...

— Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part I

1835 -- US: Blasphemy? Abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison
narrowly escapes death after being attacked by a Boston mob
infuriated by his pronouncement that "all men are created equal."
Apparently white guys aren't made that way in Boston.

1894 -- French Guyana: Tonite a prison revolt breaks out,
organized by the quite large group of French anarchists
imprisoned there.

1909 -- In a Free Speech fight, Emma Goldman loses in the
"City of Brotherly Love".

"The streets are safe in Philadelphia. It's only the
people who make them unsafe."

— Frank Rizzo, ex-police chief & mayor of Philadelphia

1917 -- Jazz bop great Dizzy Gillespie lives.

1920 -- Italy: About 25 delegates of the Unione Sindicale Italiana
(USI, a syndicalist union 300,000 strong), meeting at Bologna,
are all arrested.

With the tide of fascism on the rise, this is part of a
government crackdown against the union & numerous
anarchist organizations & publications, which results in
the jailings of hundreds of activists, among them Armando
Borghi, Virgilia d'Andrea, Errico Malatesta, & the editorial
staff of newspaper "Umanita Nova".

1920 -- Spain: Cenetista Ramón Jaume Mateu is attacked by
"Pistoleros del Libre" (rightwing assassins supported by anti-labor
business & the Catholic Church). Attacks such as these against
militant workers are common during this period.

1921 -- Massive demonstrations all over Europe in support
of Sacco & Vanzetti. In Paris 10,000 police
& 18,000 soldiers attempt to control the crowds.

1929 -- US: Ursula LeGuin lives. Science
fiction/fantasy novelist, activist, anarchist.

"You cannot buy the Revolution. You cannot make
the Revolution. You can only be the Revolution. It
is in your spirit or it is nowhere."

— Ursula K. LeGuin, The Dispossessed

1939 -- France: Serge Livrozet lives. A burglar sent
to prison numerous times who became an libertarian & writer
who, after meeting Biker Michel Foucault, formed the
"Comités d'Action des Prisonniers". Livrozet wrote a dozen
books involving the world of prison life.

1954 -- US: No Pinko Shorts? Indiana State Athletic
Commission rules boxers & wrestlers must swear, under
oath, that they are not Communists.

Oafs of the ropes, these "artistes of the epithet" are
stunned by the imposition of a new language barrier.
Speechless in Indiana...

1966 -- Wales: 144 die as a coal waste landslide
engulfs a school in South Wales.

"A corporation cannot be ethical; its
only responsibility is to turn a profit!"

— Milton Friedman, "free-market" economist

1967 -- US: Yippies, Diggers, anti-authoritarians & other
high priests meet in Washington DC for "Exorcism of the
Pentagon" to rid the world of the global evil spirit virus
infecting all who work there.

1969 -- Beat writer Jack Kerouac, On the Road
no more, dies, age 47, of abdominal bleeding
caused by drinking...


Writers are, in a way, very powerful indeed.
They write the script for the reality film. Kerouac
opened a million coffee bars & sold a million pairs
of Levis to both sexes. Woodstock rises from his
pages. Now if writers could get together into a real
tight union, we'd have the world right by the words.
We could write our own universes, & they would all
be as real as a coffee bar or a pair of Levis or a prom
in the Jazz Age. Writers could take over the reality
studio. So they must not be allowed to find
out that they can make it happen. Kerouac understood
this long before I did. Life is a dream, he said.

— from White Fields Press Published in
Heaven Poster Series #10. Poster includes photo
"Allen Ginsberg taking photograph of
William S. Burroughs: Lawrence, Kansas
1992" courtesy of Allen Ginsberg.

1992 -- Ante (or Anton) Ciliga, philosopher/Left Communist,
libertarian sympathizer, dies.

While in one of Stalin's prisons, Anton Ciliga observed
that "technical questions of organization turned out to
be social questions."

— Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle

"Neither God nor Master, a voice from the depths of
my subconscious whispered. Perceptible, firm, imperative.
The portrait of Lenin from the table of my cell was torn in
thousand pieces & tossed into the trash can... "

— Anton Ciliga

1994 -- ANARCHY IN THE UK 94 - London festival
The biggest anarchist festival with over 500 events
throughout, Oct 21- 30th.

1994 -- Seattle Spoonster, Artis the Spoonman,
plays the Fillmore.

Feel the rhythm with your hands
Steal the rhythm while you can, Spoonman

— Soundgarden

2000 -- Netherlands: Second Anarchistische
Boekenmarkt, Utrecht. Inspired by the long-running
annual Bookfair in London.

2006 -- England: 26th Anarchist Bookfair, London.
Largest & most important regular gathering of anarchists
in the world. 80 stalls through four rooms.


"They were Bad Boys, Subterraneans, Dharma Bums,
White Negroes, living in disreputable neighborhoods,
eschewing real jobs, dressing to make a statement,
engaging in "free love," doing drugs, boogying to a
different drummer, taking as their heroes dubious
characters like Rimbaud, Billy the Kid, Baudelaire
& Oscar Wilde, & their own outlaw demimonde
as their literary country...

American science fiction [became] sole surviving heir
through destiny & circumstance to Twain & Miller &
Burroughs & Ginsberg & Kerouac, to Huck Finn &
Billy the Kid & the Dharma Bums, to America's own
secret song of itself."

— Norman Spinrad, "Science Fiction & the Beats"

Spinrad's full article at:


— anti-CopyRite 1997-3666, more or less

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