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Daily Bleed for October 15th

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Major French philosopher of our day,
conceptual historian of knowledge, madness,
prisons, sexuality, selfhood. Biker Dude.

Saragossa, Spain: PARADE OF THE GIANTS (20-30 feet
high) & Dwarves (man-sized, with enormous heads), with
Moorish dances & fireworks.

MUSHROOM DAY. & you know who you are.

NATIONAL GROUCH DAY -- What!*?! We need a day?


1814 -- Mikhail Lermontov, Russian author, lives.
Exiled twice to the Caucasus because of his libertarian verses.

1842 -- During this month Michael Bakunin's "Reaction in
Germany" is published.

1844 -- Friedrich Nietzsche lives.
German philosopher/poet, wrote Thus Spake Zarathustra.

NIETZSCHE, 1998 Daily Bleed Sweetheart

"One must have chaos within oneself, if
one is to be a dancing star."

1881 -- Humorist P.G. Wodehouse, author of the Jeeves
stories, lives.

1896 -- France: Célestin Freinet lives. Pedagogist, founder
of the Coopérative de l'Enseignement Laïc (C.E.L),
author of "The French Modern School." Influenced
Spanish artist Ramón Acin, who founded a school based
on the ideas of Ferrer & Freinet. His partner Elise, also a
militant educator, carried on his work following his death.

1902 -- France: André Prudhommeaux lives. Early communist,
then an anarchist, he founded a Paris bookshop specializing
in social history — & the scene of many lively debates.

1902 -- Spain: Amparo Poch y Gascon lives (1902-1968).
Spanish anarquista feminist, propagandist for sexual freedom.

Studied sociology & medicine. Worked with women's
education & in 1936, with Mercedes Comaposada & Lucia
Sanchez, she founded "Mujeres Libres" (Free Women).

1915 -- US: Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
Free Speech fight in Fresno in de Land of de Free.

1920 -- Italy: Errico Malatesta arrested. He is held responsible,
as is Armando Borghi, for workers' factory occupations in Milan
during the summer.

1920 -- Russia: Les makhnovistes & les bolcheviques signent
un accord de collaboration contre les troupes du général Wrangel.
Soon the treacherous Bolsheviks will turn on the makhnovistes.

1923 -- Italian cyber-fabulist Italo Calvino lives. Calvino
broke with the Communist Party during the tragic uprisings
in Hungary in 1956.

1926 -- Harley-Semiotic?: French biker-philosopher
Michel Foucault lives.

1926 -- Japan: Nakahama Tetsu executed for
anti-government acts, including a plan to assassinate
Prince Hirohito. Member of the Girochin Sha.

1933 -- US: Liberal Mabel Carver Crouch, during this
month, begins working furiously for Emma Goldman's
readmission to the "Land of the Free".

1936 --
"Detroit Moan"
Victoria Spivey &
the Chicago Four,

Michigan's black population of 17,000 in 1910 soared
to over 117,000 in the 1920s. Borrowing from the practices
of Southern plantation patriarchs, Henry Ford paid black
workers $1 a day in 1931 & invested the other $3 owed them
into 'communal enterprises' in the subdivision called Inkster.

— Mark Humphrey, "The Great Depression: American Music in the '30s"

1937 -- One time New Christy Minstrels member, gravelly
voiced singer of "Eve of Destruction," Barry McGuire lives.

New blood was always being added
to the group, while seasoned musicians went off to make
careers of their own. Famous alumni include: Kenny
Rogers, The "First Edition", Karen Black, John Denver,
Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark, Kim Carnes & many,
many more.

1957 -- Guy Debord's "Remarques sur le concept d'art expérimental"
(Remarks on the Concept of Experimental Art), a critique of the text
"Pour un concept d'expérimentation musicale" (Toward a Concept of
Musical Experimentation) by Walter Olmo of the Situationist
International's Italian Section.

1958 -- Jack Kerouac's Dharma Bums is published; Kerouac,
with Allen Ginsberg, meets D.T. Suzuki.

1959 -- US: Robert Crumb's "Fritz the Cat" comic strip premiers.

1961 -- Belgium: 7,000 march for nuclear disarmament, La Louviere.

1969 -- Millions of Americans across the US demonstrate
against the Vietnam War in the first Vietnam
Moratorium/Peace Day held in the US

1969 -- England: Imperial War Museum gutted by
incendiary device.

1979 -- El Salvador: President Romero deposed by a military
coup (February 1981 — US admits to having sent 18 advisers
to help the military junta. El Salvador leftists claim 100 US advisers.)

1984 -- US: Associated Press reports the existence of a
CIA-prepared terrorist manual advising rightwing Nicaraguan rebels
how to blackmail unwilling citizens into supporting their cause,
arrange the deaths of fellow rebels to create martyrs &
how to kidnap & kill (or as the manual puts it, "neutralize")
government officials.

"Come the counterrevolution, there will be a massacre
in Nicaragua. We have a lot of scores to settle. There
will be bodies from the border to Managua."

— Contra officer, "Newsweek," November 8, 1982

1990 -- Rocky Mountain High!?: Abandoned barrels of military
psychotomimetic contaminates Denver's water supply.

1997 -- Going for Broke?: Songster/mystery writer Kinky
Friedman is given a key to the City of Ft. Worth at
"Books & Authors" luncheon of the Friends of the Ft.
Worth Public Library

"This is my childhood dream come true," Kinky said after
receiving the key. He says he is the only non-land-owning,
cigar-smoking, mystery-writing, cat-loving, Irish
whiskey-swigging, Jewish country musician & sex symbol
from Palestine (Texass, that is) to ever receive a key to
the City of Ft. Worth.

1998 -- Two days ago radio host Art Bell disappears
from the airwaves (Big Ol' UFO got him)...

1999 -- Doctors Without Borders wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

2004 -- No More Trout¿: Kilgore Trout dies at midnight tonight,
suicide by Dra-no Trout in Cohoes, New York, following his
consultation with a psychic, who informed him that George W.
Bush would win the US Presidential election by a vote of 5-to-4
in the Supreme Court.

The Final Ride

The act of dying
is like hitch-hiking
into a strange town
late at night
where it is cold
& raining,
& you are alone


"Under capitalism man exploits man;
under socialism the reverse is true."

— Ancient Polish proverb

"Part-human, part-beast, & possessing the Leviathanic
virtue of existing forever, Wiske the gift-giver reappeared
in the jokes as the long-eared, long-membered &
long-tailed Trickster, forever setting traps for animals &
people & forever trapping himself."

— Fredy Perlman,
Against His-story, Against Leviathan!


— anti-CopyRite 1997-3000, more or less

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