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Daily Bleed for 10.5

driving the freeway while
    listening to the Country & Western boys
    sing about a broken heart
    & the honkytonk blues,
    it seems that things just don't work
    most of the time
    & when they do it will be for a
    short time
    well, that's not news.
    nothing's news.
    it's the same old thing in

    Poem: "The Last Song," by Charles Bukowski

Daily Bleed in full,



Rebel American Catholic priest, antiwar activist,
Christian anarchist.



1829 -- The Comédie-Française accepts Victor
Hugo's "Hernani."

1839 -- France: Eugene Varlin lives, near Paris.
Bookbinder, working militant, internationalist,
anarchist. Elected a member of the Paris Commune.

1840 -- England: John Addington Symonds, poet,
essayist, & literary  historian, lives. Biographer of
Ben Jonson, Shelley, & Walt Whitman.

1908 -- US:  Israel Zangwill play "The Melting Pot"
premiers. Wrote "Children of the Ghetto", "The King
of Shnorrers" & many other books.

1910 -- Portugal: 1ª Republic proclaimed. The king gracefully
scurries to England, brought down through a successful alliance
of Republicans & anarchists begun in 1908. The latter were fighting
& dying in various revolts, the Republicans protecting their
mansions (with a long eye on the palace).

1911 -- Irish novelist, dramatist, 26-year "Irish Times"
columnist, Flann O'Brien lives.

1919 -- Italy: Giliana Berneri lives (1919-1998), Florence.
Second child of Camillo & Giovanna Berneri. Sister of Marie
Louise Berneri. A family affair, antifascists & anarchists, the whole lot.

1923 -- Sweden: Stig Dagerman (1923-1954) lives.

    Playwright, novelist, anarcho-trade unionist.
    Created the review "40-tal," & wrote for the libertarian

    His works present a variety of themes prefiguring the
    French existentialists. Wrote The
(1945), & Island of the Condemned.

1923 -- Rebel priest, antiwar activist Phil Berrigan, lives.
Along with his brother Daniel Berrigan, also a priest &
anarchist, he was for a time on the FBI Ten Most Wanted
Fugitives list for actions against Vietnam war.

1934 -- French filmmaker Jean Vigo
dies. Son of the anarchist Eugene Vigo. Great filmmaker,
social rebel — French authorities gave him

                  Zero for Conduct


1934 -- Spain: 40,000 miners & iron workers strike, seizing towns
around Gijon. 3,000 killed. The uprising in the mining districts of
Asturias, Spain, October 5-18, is followed by severe repression;
thousands of miners are executed, thousands more tortured, &
30-40,000 are imprisoned.

1936 -- Václav Havel lives. Prominent Czech playwright, poet &
statesman, one of the leading intellectual figures & moral forces in
Eastern Europe.

    Satirized the communist bureaucracy & supported the
    Prague Spring reform movement in 1968.

    The music of Frank Zappa & Lou Reed inspired Havel & other
    dissidents during their struggle against Soviet rule.

1959 -- Architect Maya Lin, lives, Athens, Ohio. Best-known for
her design of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.

1966 -- US: Real Soda Jerks? Sodium cooling system malfunction
causes a partial core meltdown at the Enrico Fermi demonstration
breeder reactor near Detroit, Michigan.

1966 --  High Seas: Haute Cuisine? A storm drops 2-cm maggots
              on Olympic yachts off Acapulco.

1967 -- France: Two fly-poster comics announcing the appearance
of the periodical "Internationale Situationniste" #11, lead to Vaneigem
& René Viénet being called before a police judiciary for incitations to
theft, debauchery, rioting & murder (of rulers).

1969 -- All Crossed Up?:
            Premiere of "Monty Python's
            Flying Circus." Mainstream
            anarchy & mayhem.

1970 --

                     Ode on the

                     Absence of Real Poetry

                     Here This Afternoon

                     — A Poem in Dialectical Prose —


   Poetry, as poets are fond of relating, originated from religious or
   magical incantations. The respect for the bard was due to the fact
   that his words mattered. Supposedly, the precise phrases &
   refrains were necessary to keep the crops growing, etc.

   — Read by Ken Knabb at an open poetry reading
       in Berkeley, October 1970.


1973 --  US: A CIA assessment calls war in the Middle East
"unlikely." Someone please call George Dubya.

1986 -- Nicaragua: An illegal American CIA contra resupply
plane is shot down. Probably full of drugs...

1988 --  India: Salman Rushdie novel The Satanic Verses banned.

1988 -- Chile: Beloved & Respected Comrade Butcher General
Augusto Pinochet, running unopposed for president of Chile, loses (!).

1990 -- Cincinnati jury acquits art gallery of obscenity
(Mappelthorpe photos).

1992 --  US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader General
Schwarzkopf is splattered with blood at a book signing, just
across the lake from Seattle, in Kirkland, Washington.

1995 --  Northern Irish poet Seamus Heaney wins
the Nobel Literature Prize.

2000 --  Two physicists who magnetically levitated a frog
& an Australian author who believes people don't need to
eat win the 2000 Ig Nobel Prizes.

2002 --  US: 15,000 rally against war with Iraq, Portland, Oregon.

2006 -- US: Seattle Police Arrest Two, Crush Anarchist
Near-Revolution in Seattle.


     Nothing is left. & this nothing is increasingly
     aggressive, totalitarian, & omnipresent.

     Our experience  today is the strange one of
     empty political institutions in which no one
     has any confidence any more, of a system
     of government which functions only in the
     interests of a  political class, & at the same
     time of the almost infinite growth of power,
     authority, & social control which makes any
     one of our democracies a more authoritarian
     mechanism than the Napoleonic state.

                  — Jacques Ellul,
                      Anarchie et Christianisme


— All Rights Reverberated & anti-CopyRite 1997-3000
... more or less exactingly

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