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Daily Bleed for September 9th

How well they flew together side by side
the Stars & Stripes my red & white & blue
& my Black Flag the sovereignty of no
man or law!

— Paul Goodman,

Daily Bleed,


Anarchist, alternativist writer, bisexual,
grew up absurd


1739 -- Cato Institute?: Slave revolt occurs
in Stono, S.C., led by a slave named Cato.

1828 -- Rebirthing in the New Age?: Novelist,
philosopher, & anarchist mystic Count Leo
Tolstoy lives.

"The startling thing about Tolstoy is precisely
that he was completely unalienated
& at the same time disbelieved utterly
in all the principles that were the
foundations of his society... "

Kenneth Rexroth, Classics Revisited

In 1908 his admirers organize a Tolstoy fund & a grand jubilee
to celebrate his 80th birthday; he responds angrily:

"When there is nothing left to think about but death,
they want to bother me with that!"

1847 -- Mexico: US army hangs 16 Irish soldiers who joined
the Mexican army to oppose the American land grab (about
half of Mexico is taken).

1869 -- Anarchist, Haymarket martyr Louis Lingg lives.
Convicted of Haymarket bombing...

"...I despise you. I despise your
order, your laws, your
force-propped authority. Hang
me for it!"


"The Words of this man
seemed like deeds..."

— FRANK HARRIS, author, editor, rogue

(All the anarchists, including Lingg,
were posthumously pardoned.)

1870 -- Switzerland: Mikhail Bakunin leaves Locarno for
Lyons arrives Sept 15) where he will be just in time for yet
another uprising.

1891 -- US: The first strike by African-American plantation
workers, for $1a day in Georgia & Arkansas, is lost.

1894 -- China: Sun Yat-sen leads his first
attempt at revolution.

1897 -- Hawaiian Senate ratifies the treaty of
annexation with the US. Nascent American empire
reaches into the pacific waters. Much more come in
the next few years.

1898 -- French symbolist poet Stéphane Mallarmé dies.

1904 -- James Joyce & Oliver St. John Gogarty move into
the Martello tower in Sandycove, the setting for the first
scene of Ulysses.

1908 -- Cesare Pavese, lives... Italian poet, critic, novelist

1910 -- Alice B. Toklas & Gertrude Stein
(Saint, July 27) take up lifetime residence together.

1911 -- Anarchist, alternativist writer Paul Goodman lives

1917 -- US: Anarchist Antonio Fornasier is killed
by Milwaukee police after heckling a priest.

Ten men & a woman are arrested for inciting the ensuing riot;
later linked to a Nov. 24 bomb explosion that occurred
while they were still imprisoned; each found guilty &
sentenced to between 11 & 25 years imprisonment.
Emma Goldman will later protest the injustice of their
case, claiming a frame-up.

1918 -- Scottish & Anzac troops at the Etaples army base near
Boulogne begin a successful five day mutiny, attacking the military
police & demonstrating daily through the town.

1919 -- Open Fire?: Over 1,000 Boston police
strike when 19 union leaders are fired for
organizing activities.

1924 -- China: US marines begin fighting
in Peking (-Mar. 1, 1925). Open de door!

1925 -- The one-volume English edition of
My Disillusionment in Russia, with an
introduction by Rebecca West, is published
early this month, by C. W. Daniel of London;
Emma Goldman borrowed $250 from
Michael Cohn to underwrite its publication.

1929 -- Cartier-Bresson, anarchist & photographer, gets three days
in the guardhouse. Accused of disobeying the rules, flying out of
bounds & turning somersaults above the clouds. When confronted,
he protests, quoting Jean Cocteau:

"The sky belongs to all of us."

1934 -- China: US marines begin fighting in Shanghai.
Kicking down the Open Door (again!).

1934 -- Sonia Sanchez lives...
Poet, playwright, short story
writer & author of children's books

1943 -- Bertolt Brecht play "Galileo" premiers, Zurich.

1945 -- Uruguay: Elena Quinteros lives. Teacher, activist in
the Federación Anarquista Uruguaya (FAU). Arrested, tortured,
& disappeared by the Uruguayan government in 1976.

1966 -- "San Francisco Oracle" starts publishing.

1968 -- Committee of 100, pioneer British
anti-nuclear group of 1950's & early 60's,
dissolves itself.

1971 -- At the beginning of a four-day ordeal,
prisoners riot & seize control of the
maximum-security Attica Correctional Facility...

Shifty Henry said to Bugs, "For Heaven's sake
No one's lookin', now's our chance to make a break"
Bugsy turned to Shifty & he said, "Nix nix
I wanna stick around a while & get my kicks"

Let's rock, everybody, let's rock
Everybody on the whole cell block
Was dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock

1972 -- US: A special issue on productivity in "Business Week"
champions the concept of "interdependence" between labor &
business, "inseparably linked in the productivity quest"...

Productivity-output per hour of work has fallen due
to worker dissatisfaction & unrest. By 1974 the US Labor
Department notes "the productivity of American workers
took its biggest drop on record as output slumped in all
sectors of the economy during the first quarter."

— John Zerzan, "Organized Labor
versus 'The Revolt Against Work'"

1976 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader
Mao Tse-Tung Chinese communist party chairman
(1949-76), dies at 82.

"I dance on the
heads of punks."

1980 -- Eight activists, including Phil Berrigan,
from the Atlantic Life Community, hammer nose
cone of missile at GE plant in the first of what
becomes an international movement of many
dozens of "Plowshares" anti-nuclear direct actions.

1981 -- Sandinista government of Nicaragua
bans all strikes.

1991 -- England: The Joy Riots — urban &
suburban youth take on the cops in Newcastle,
Cardiff, Birmingham, Oxford & Bristol.

1998 -- Korea: People's International Conference
"Challenging The IMF: Neoliberalism, The IMF,
& International Solidarity".

1999 -- Global: All computers self-destruct, racked
with indecision, between today's date & the traditional
9999 shut-down code. Some go mad, some become evil,
most explode. Human civilization, as such, ends if you
click on the following link:

2000 -- Bolivia: The sucre goes out of circulation, replaced
by the US $$$$$$$$$. Dirty Sucre replaced with Good Clean
Filthy Lucre. Tomorrow, the World!

2002 -- Nelson Mandela calls the US "a threat to world peace".
Can't imagine why.

2005 -- Italy: 60th Anniversary of the Liberation. A remembrance
is held for the anarchist partisan commander, Emilio Canzi
("Un padre della Resistenza"), a leading figure of the resistance
movement in Piacenza & northern Italy.


Is it possible ... that Leviathan is as natural to
human beings as hives to bees? Anything is
possible, but the admission of such a
possibility is cynically misanthropic & it
precludes envisioning any exit from the trap.
Such a possibility cannot be admitted into a
song of freedom, because its admission is a
prognostication of Earth's doom.

— Fredy Perlman,
Against His-story, Against Leviathan!


— anti-copyRite 9999 looks like buncha 6666 upside down,
without reservation, more or less

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