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Daily Bleed for September 7th

Daily Bleed, full boat,

A few excerpts,

Danish-born African-based writer of
fantasy, decadence.


1822 -- Brazil: Declaration of independence from Portugal
(National Day).

1830 -- England: "Large bodies of men in disguise" tear
down the fences, hedgerows & buildings erected by
Lord Abingdon on Otmoor.

1872 -- Mikhail Bakunin, anarchist nemesis of Karl Marx,
is booted from the First International.

     It is here that Marx & Engels determine it is better
    to destroy the International than allow the growing
    democratic & anti-authoritarian influences to gain control.


1888 -- US: Jesse James' last holdup.

1893 --  England: The collieries at Featherstone
are destroyed by strikers.

1908 -- US: Ben Reitman delivers a speech on the meaning
of Labor Day at Cooper Union. He gets arrested.

1908 --  US: Esperanto Association of North America is organized.

1911 -- Author Guillaume Apollinaire is jailed,
suspected of masterminding the sensational heist
of the Louvre's Mona Lisa.

1917 -- Jacob Lawrence lives.
A leading painter in chronicling African-American
history & urban life.

1920 -- Italy: "Umanità nova" publishes an article & leaflet, at the
urgings of Errico Malatesta, in support of the factory occupations &
attempts at self-management.

1933 -- US: The first strike by cranberry pickers takes place in
the bogs of Cape Cod. The strikers formed the Cranberry Pickers
Union, but their strike was unsuccessful.

1936 -- Rock & Roll legend Buddy Holly lives,
Lubbock, Texas.

1936 -- Spain: Josep Renau named Director General of Fine
Arts by fellow communist Jesus Hernández, Minister of Public
Instruction in the government of Largo Caballero.

1945 --  End of Slan Shack (US sci-fi fans group).

     The slans are to be destroyed simply because they exist.
     Humanity can't deal with their strangeness. Humanity wants
     them all to die. We don't have to look very far in history or
     in recent headlines to see the same story played out over
     & over.

     See the novel Slan, by A. E. Van Vogt (1940)

1948 -- 3,000 attend rally in public launch of Peace
Council, Melbourne, Australia.

1949 -- US: American Bar Association opposes ratification
of the UN Genocide Convention.

1963 --  Carlos Castaneda first uses jimson weed (a drug!)
(Teachings of Don Juan).

1968 -- US: Got Meat?: For the first time, feminist
protesters interrupt the Miss America beauty pageant.

1972 -- US: Nixon tells aides to place spies among a
Secret Service detail assigned to protect Kennedy.

1977 -- India: Workers in Ghaziabad burn factory &
lynch two finks; solidarity strike of 40,000 follows.

1977 -- Panama: Omar Torrijos & Beloved &
Respected Peanut Head Jimmy Carter sign a treaty returning
sovereignty of the Canal Zone to Panamá.

    General Torrijos says he does not want to enter history.
    He wants to enter the Canal Zone, stolen by the US at the
    beginning of the century.

    When accused of serving Moscow or Havana, Torrijos laughs.
    Every people, he says, swallows its own aspirin for its own
    headache. & if it comes down to it, he gets along with the
    Castristas better than the castrati.

    Under pressure of world opinion, the US agrees to
    slowly return the Canal in stages.

    "It's better this way," says Torrijos, relieved. They've
    saved him the disagreeable task of blowing up the
    canal & all its installations.

         — Eduardo Galleano, Century of the Wind, p245

1996 -- US: Two women arrested for trespass at the Norfolk
(Virginia) Naval Base after walking into the
base with a banner reading

                   "Love Your Enemies."

1999 -- US: "What's the Frequency, Kennard?"

2001 --  England: The Giant Jump — 1 million British students
jump at the same time. This triggers seismographs all across
Britain. Rotten youth trying to sink the island.

2002 --  US: George W. Bush & British PM Tony Blair meet to
drum up international support for their war on Iraq.
Most of the world — sans the US media, Congressmen, politicians
& a portion of gullible Americans — reject their concoction of
half-truths, distortions & outright lies.

2002 --  UN human-rights chief Mary Robinson accuses the US,
Russia & China of hiding behind the war on terrorism to trample
civil rights.

2007 -- 3rd International Anarchist & Libertarian Bookfair,
Florence, Italy, September 7th-9th.


                 There is a certain
                 hagiographic literature on the
                 steam hammer. One cannot
                 imagine much on the electric


                The first
                landing on Mars will pass unnoticed at

                — Raoul Vaneigem, "Technology &
                    its Mediated Use"

— anti-copyMediatedRite 6000

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