Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daily Bleed for September 19th

The vandalism of man,
Unlike the ruthless elements,
Is held in the parabola
Of a broken shell.

— Gus Hellthaler, excerpt "Three Minute Orphic Eggs,"
("Fli-Back: A Journal of Cheap Shots," Detroit, 1972)

Daily Bleed in full,



Brazilian radical educational
theorist, social activist.

Alternate Saint:

Italian Cosmicomician
cyberfabulator extraordinaire.

Avening, Gloucestershire, England: PIG'S FACE FEAST,
commemorating boar's head feast in 1080.


1833 -- US: Mary Jemison, "race traitor," adopted Senecan
"white Indian," dies — one of many escapees from dominant
culture, she had been adopted by Seneca Amerindians &
reviled by 'whites'.

Daily Bleed Saint 2003-4
"The White Woman of the Genessee."
Captured by Indians at age 15,
adopted into Seneca tribe,
she refused to return to white "civilization".

1776 -- US: George Washington's farewell address.
He strongly warns against permanent alliances with
foreign powers, large public debts, large military
establishment & devices of any "small, artful,
enterprising minority" to control or change
the government.

1865 -- US: Chinese coal miners driven out
of Black Diamond, Washington.

1892 -- US: Alexander Berkman found guilty on all counts in his
attempt to assassinate Henry Frick & sentenced to 22 years
in prison. His book based on his prison experience is now considered
one of the great classics of prison literature.

1904 -- Octave Mirbeau play "Business Is Business"
opens in NY. Mirbeau, French author & anarchist,
also wrote The Torture Garden.

1911 -- Red Tuesday: 20,000 protest for universal rights.

1913 -- Seattle actress, activist & lobotomy victim Frances Farmer
lives. Destroyed by so-called mental health professionals.

1921 -- Brazil: Paulo Freire (1921-1997), Brazilian
philosopher & educator, lives, Recife.

1923 -- Ernst Toller play "Der deutsche Hinkemann"
premiers, Leipzig.

1927 -- Nicaragua: Sandino's troops capture Telpaneca
from US marines & national guard.

1940 -- US: A Journalist 'discovers' Jay Fox, the "sole surviving
anarchist" farming at Home Colony, Washington.

1952 -- US bars Charlie Chaplin from reentering the country after a
trip to England with his wife & four children to promote his
film Limelight. Beloved & Respected Comrade Freedom
Lover Attorney General McGranery orders his re-entry permit
revoked until such time as Chaplin could pass tests to prove
he had sound moral character & was not a subversive.

Guilty until proven innocent.

America is so terribly grim in spite
of all that material prosperity.

They no longer know how to weep.

Compassion & the old neighborliness
have gone, people stand by & do
nothing when friends & neighbors are
attacked, libeled & ruined."

1959 -- US: Nikita Khrushchev is angered when told he cannot visit
Disneyland for security reasons; the US is apparently worried he
will steal the secrets of the mechanical hippo (another source says
Walt Disney, an extreme rightwinger, refuses to let him in).

1966 -- US: Timothy Leary announces the
League for Spiritual Discovery (LSD).

1974 -- Canada: The Kootenai Indians declare war on the US.

1981 -- US: 300,000 march on Washington, D.C., for Solidarity Day.

1985 -- Italo Calvino dies in Siena, Italy. While working on
several communist periodicals, he began writing his
own stories, becoming one of the most important Italian
writers of the 20th century.

1990 -- US: Remains of 828 dead, radioactive beagles from
1950s animal experiments at UC-Davis are buried at
Hanford nuclear reservation. down wind, down river...

1995 -- US: "The Washington Post" is forced to publish "Industrial
Society And Its Future", the Unabomber's 35,000 word
critique of technocracy.

2002 -- US: Boston archdiocese reaches a $10-million
settlement with 86 alleged victims of child molestation
by priest John Geoghan. The Catholic Church is going to hell...


The way of life can be free & beautiful.
But we have lost the way.

Greed has poisoned men's souls —
has barricaded the world with hate;
has goose-stepped us into
misery & bloodshed.

— Charlie Chaplin


— anti-CopyRite 1997-5010

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