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Daily Bleed 9.5.10

Cybernaut author, publisher, gourmet chef, conspiritologist.

Officially sponsored by the Procrastinators' Club of
America, which protested the War of
1812 in 1967. The official news release for this
year's observances has yet to be issued.
     "Never do tomorrow
      what you can do the day
      after tomorrow."

      — Mark Twain


1568 -- Tommaso Campanella lives (1568-1639),
Italian utopian author of The City of the Sun.

1831 --  Naval Drip?: Charles Darwin is
interviewed by Capt. Fitzroy of the "Beagle" for the
position of ship's naturalist; Fitzroy almost rejects
Darwin because of the shape of Darwin's nose.

1869 -- Switzerland: Basle Congress of International opens.
Michael Bakunin appears for the slugfest, the communists
(Bakuninists) opposed to the collectivists (Marxists).

1871 -- France: Victor Hugo is hailed publicly in Paris upon return
from banishment on Guernsey in the Channel Islands, where he
wrote Les Châtiments & Les Misérables.

1882 -- First US Labor Day.
30,000 workers march in the parade in NY City.

1882 -- US: Sioux chief Crazy Horse murdered.

                   "I will return
                    to you in

            Crazy Horse & his starving
            people had peacefully
            surrendered to the US army on
            May 6th. Crazy Horse was
            assassinated on orders from the
            local Reservation Agent,
            bayoneted in the back by a US
            soldier, while in custody at Fort
            Robinson, Nebraska.

1894 -- France: A two-day rain of toads
at Chalon-sur-Saone, France.

1899 -- At the invitation of Kate Austin, Emma Goldman
travels to the farming community of Caplinger Mills,
Missouri, where she delivers three lectures,
including "Patriotism."

1905 -- Arthur Koestler lives. Indicts the police state
in Darkness at Noon.

1906 --  Mexico: Followers of the anarchist Flores Magon, from
Douglas, Arizona, try to take Agua Prieta, Sonora, to begin a revolt
against Diaz (US police later arrest them). Meanwhile, campesinos
of Acayucan, Veracruz form a mutual-defense pact against Diaz.

1911 -- England: Pupils desert their classrooms & parade
in the streets after a Llanelli boy is punished for passing
around a note urging his friends to strike against corporal
punishment. In the next fortnight,schools in over 60 major
towns & cities come out in solidarity.
    Dear BleedMeister

    You, of all people, should know that Llanelli is
    in Wales, the land of song & socialism.
    As usual the English get all the credit.
    But I love the Daily Bleed.

                   — Bleedster Mary G., 2006

1912 -- Anarcho-musicologist John Cage lives.
A moment of silence, please.
Daily Bleed Saint 2004.

1914 -- Nicanor Parra lives, Chile. Mathematician & often
considered to be the most influential poet Chile has produced
since Pablo Neruda. Self-described "antipoet," due to his
distaste for standard poetic pomp & function.

1917 -- Palmer raids on all IWW halls & offices in
cities across the US...done without warrants &
total disregard for civil or legal rights.

1923 -- First use of smoke-screen for concealing troops.
Military is finally catching up with politics.

1939 -- Dalton Trumbo's Johnny Got His Gun published
two days after the beginning of WWII. Blacklisted following
the war, Trumbo, as a screenwriter, wrote under 13 different
pseudonyms before he was able to get his name back on
screen in 1960.

              "What you ask is against regulations."

1957 -- Jack Kerouac's On the Road, an inspiration
for a generation of restless spirits, is published.

1958 --  Boris Pasternak's novel Doctor Zhivago is
published in US for the first time.

1964 -- Joe Hill's "Rebel Girl", Elizabeth Gurley
Flynn dies. One-time anarchist & labor militant who
became a honcho in the American Communist Party.
1972 -- Juan Puig Elias (1898-1972) dies. Spanish teacher
& militant anarcho-syndicalist.

1973 -- "Many music lovers don't know that nearly
a whole generation of original & highly talented
musicians in Detroit were either snuffed out or
forced to flee Detroit to keep their music careers

     — Eddie "Guitar" Burns, interview in
         Fifth Estate, September 5, 1973

1978 --  US: Unexplained green slime falls on Washington,
DC (-Sept. 6). What's to explain, you ask? Politicians dripping
uncontrollably all over themselves.

1990 -- US: Trainites set fire to restaurant when unable
to obtain items listed on the menu...

1990 --  US: Los Angeles police chief Darryl Gates testifies
before the US Senate that "casual drug users should be taken
out & shot".
1991 --  US: AIDS activists inflate a 15-foot condom on roof of
Beloved & Repected Comrade Leader Senator Jesse Helms'
Virginia home. Should have put it on his head: "Fits like a glove!"

1997 -- Cuba: Dissident Hector Palacio Ruiz sent to  prison on a
charge of "disrespect for authority" for having criticized Cuban
President Fidel Castro... he strongly criticized Castro's rule,
called for reforms, & at one point called Castro "crazy."

1997 --  John Sayles movie "Men With Guns" premiers,
Toronto Film Festival.

2002 --  Afghanistan: Beloved & Respected Comrade
Leader President Karzai, surrounded by US body guards
during the American occupation, survives an assassination
Later in the month, he claims on US TV,

                         "I'm No US Puppet".
2008 -- Psychedelics researcher, blotter artist Tom Lyttle dies,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Pasted postage stamps all over himself to
prevent arrest since he was First-Class Mail.


                We must make the world safe for
                poverty Without dependence on

                   — John Cage

                   "Three-fourths of
                   philosophy & literature is
                   the talk of people trying
                   to convince themselves
                   that they really like the
                   cage they were tricked
                   into entering."

                   — Gary Snyder, Zen Anarchist Poet
   — anti-copyRite 1997, 2009, 34, 6, 32 punt (more or less)

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