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Daily Bleed for July 5th

Life looks to me like
a barricade of nothingness.
I am here to live
while the soul permits,
and here to die,
when the hour arrives,
in the veins of the people
now & forever.
Life is a lot to swallow,
death is only a gulp.

excerpt, Sitting upon the Dead

Today's Bleed in full,

Excerpts from the Good Ol' Days:


            CLARA ZETKIN
            German feminist, radical, communist activist.



1880 -- Not His Calling?: George Bernard Shaw, 23, leaves
his job with the Edison Telephone Company. He points out:

   "You must not suppose, because I am a man of letters,
    that I never tried to earn an honest living."

1881 -- US: Corning, Iowa, premier issue of the monthly
"Le Communiste-Libertaire", published by the Icarienne community.

    Stand up, Working Man, stooping in the dust,
    Now comes the time of the awakening
    See the banner of the holy Community
    Floating on the American shores
    Never again vice, no longer pain
    No more crime, no sorrow anymore
    Equality, the majestic, is moving forward....
1888 -- England: Three young women sacked at the Bryant
& May factory in East London for exposing the appalling working
conditions. The other 672 women laborers come out in
solidarity. The 'Match Girls' Strike' itself is unsuccessful but
solidarity generated nationally is unprecedented & galvanizes
the working class  movement.

1889 -- Jean Cocteau lives. French artist & writer who
worked widely in different arts...

1894 -- US: The Pullman Strike of 1894. Federal
government & troops interfere with a peaceful
labor strike led by Eugene Debs against the Pullman
Palace Car Company, which has drastically reduced wages.
Attempting to break the strike, Federal troops kill
34 American Railway Union members in the Chicago area ...

                &, thus, the merry war — the dance of
                skeletons bathed in human tears — goes on...

                — Jennie Curtis, President of ARU
                Local 269, the "Girls" Local Union, 1894

1916 -- US: Hell's Angels? BikerMamas Adelina & August Van
Buren start on the first successful transcontinental motorcycle
tour attempted by two women.

1934 -- San Francisco: On "Bloody Thursday," police shoot
down striking longshoremen & supporters at Rincon Hill,
killing two & injuring over 100.

  On July 5th Roush shot a long-range tear gas shell at a man
  & reported the incident to his company as follows:

   "I might mention that during one of the riots, I shot a
   long-range projectile into a group, a shell hitting one man &
   causing a fracture of the skull, from which he has since died.

   As he was a Communist, I have had no feeling in the matter
   & I am sorry that I did not get more."

1940 -- Carl Einstein (1885-1940) dies, a suicide to prevent
capture by the Nazis.

   Poet, writer, art historian & an anarchist combatant
   in the Spanish Revolution.

   Nephew of the famous physicist, Albert Einstein.

1943 --  "The Adventures of Nero Wolfe" premiers on
              NBC Blue radio network. Based on Rex Stout

1947 -- Sony Labou Tansi lives (1947-1995). Congolese
novelist, poet, & dramatist, a member of the African avant-garde,
whose critical but hopeful satires met much censorship. Tansi's
central themes were the corruption of power & the possibilities
of resistance.

               "They are blind, like the law. & equally brutal..."

1947 -- Tex Williams #1 hit "Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!
(That Cigarette)" makes the "Billboard" country charts for
23 weeks. Pre-outlaw days...

1952 -- Early in July 1952, composer John Cage performs
a series of his sonatas & interludes in a large tent.

   Charlip had printed programs on tiny pieces of toilet
   paper & placed these programs on a table next to the
   entrance. Also on the table was a large bowl of tobacco.

   During the concert, the audience was invited to roll cigarettes
   with this tobacco, using their programs as cigarette papers...

[In 2002 Auntie Dave formulated The Music & Anarchists Quiz
...Now you are prepared to answer at least  one of the questions
...let's see how good your memory is now...or
try your hand at the others!]

1969 --  Border incident leads to the Futbol War
between Honduras & El Salvador.

1987 --  Australian Pat Cash upsets #1 seed Ivan Lendl to win Wimbledon
(Cash is Better Than a Czech!).

1987 -- You've Got E-Mail: Spam lunch meat celebrates its 50th
anniversary. People still eat the stuff. Always a famine somewhere.

1998 -- US: Rebel Longshoreman & author Gilbert Mers (1908-1998) joins the
One Big Union in the Sky...


                    "Better to go hungry than to feast on

                    "Better, on lies to enjoy, to go you

— anti-copyRite more or less, anytime we think of it....

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