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Daily Bleed for July 15th

Everybody's talkin' at me,
I don't hear a word they're sayin'

I'm goin' where the sun keeps shinin'
Through the pourin' rain...

— Fred Neil, (1937-2001)

Daily Bleed in full

Short bits & pieces out of conText:


Superb German visionary cultural critic & philosopher.
Victim of fascism. Destroyer of art’s aura.


1886 -- France: Charles Gallo appears again before "justice"
for his failed attack of March 5 on the Paris Stock Exchange.
He expresses his regret for his failure.

"I was certain to get a speculator or a tripotor
who speculates in the misery of the people. I
threw the bottle (of hydrocyanic acid), unfortunately
I did not kill anybody."

1892 -- German cultural theorist Walter Benjamin lives, Berlin.

French authorities, anxious to cooperate with the
Nazis, refused to let German exiles cross
the border. Benjamin attempted to walk
across the Pyrenees into Spain & was
captured by Spanish authorities.

Rather than face being turned over to the
Gestapo, Benjamin chose to take an
overdose of morphine. He died on 27
September 1940.

The next morning the rest of the group of
refugees that Benjamin was traveling with
were allowed to pass through into Spain...

1898 -- Belgium: Ernest Ernestan (aka Ernest Tanrez) lives,
Ghent. Militant, writer, theorist of libertarian socialism, &
a significant figure of Belgian anarchism.

1908 -- Jean Cocteau, 18, publishes his first poem, "Les
Fa├žades," in the chic Parisian journal Je Sais Tout.

"The instinct of nearly all societies is to lock up
anybody who is truly free. First, society begins by
trying to beat you up. If this fails, they try to
poison you. If this fails too, they finish by loading
honors on your head."

1915 -- Wales: In spite of the Munitions of War Act,
200,000 Welsh mine workers strike for more pay.

1917 -- Alexander Berkman, Emma Goldman & many others
indicted under new Espionage Act for their anti-draft activities:
they get two years prison & $10,000 fines in the land of the free.

1917 -- US: 50,000 lumberjacks strike for 8-hour day.

Don't come into these woods with scabbing on your mind,
you'd better think again before you cross our line.
I've worked thirty years to keep this union mine,
you gyppo loggers head on down the line.

When I was very young my daddy told me,
son, a logger life is full of ups & downs.
The trees the loggers fell, the union keeps us well,
but the company owns the bloody town.

Don't Come Into These Woods,
excerpt from the song by John O'Connor

1918 -- U.S. intelligence agencies begin to circulate the names &
addresses of over 8,000 "Mother Earth" subscribers, targeting them
for investigation. Emma Goldman reluctantly concurs with Stella
Ballantine's decision to close the Mother Earth Bookshop.

BleedMeister starts a small bookstore of the same name in Seattle,
Washington, on or about 1971.

1919 -- Iris Murdoch lives, in Dublin. Prolific novelist.
Wrote The Sea, The Sea, which won the 1978 Booker Prize.

1919 -- US: War Department announces it has classified more
than 337,000 American men as "draft dodgers." Minneapolis was
the scene of the first so-called "Slacker Raid," a dragnet of men
without draft cards. Throughout the war, the raids seized more
than 40,000 non-registrants across the country.

1929 -- Austrian writer / poet Hugo von Hofmannsthal dies.
Backed by a reputation for lyrical poems & plays, he was also
internationally famous for his collaboration with the German
operatic composer Richard Strauss.

1930 -- Philosopher/linguist Jacques Derrida is constructed, el Biar,
Algeria — a leading light of the post-structuralist movement. Distrusting
the search for meaning, the yearning for certainty, he analyzes texts
("deconstructs") to show alternative meanings.

1955 -- West Germany: 52 Nobel laureates, led by Albert Einstein,
call on all states to renounce force as an act of policy, Mainau.

1970 -- James Johnson, Detroit factory worker, shoots his foreman.

1974 -- Lead Story?: Appearing live on a Florida TV station,
newswoman Christine Chubbock finishes reading the news to her
Florida audience & says, "And now, in keeping with Channel 40's
policy of always bringing you the latest in blood & guts, in full color,
you're about to see another first — an attempted suicide," reaches
into a shopping bag behind her desk, pulls out a revolver, & shoots
herself in the head. She dies three hours later.

1994 -- Chris Sartor McArrested by McDonalds.

1994 -- Brazil: Anarcho-punks from the north &
north-east hold a conference at the University of
Ceara, 15 - 17th July.

1996 -- US: Jason Sprinkle, whose art project precipitated
a bomb scare in downtown Seattle, Washington, arrested.

DA calls for Death Penalty

1998 -- Australia: Vincent Ruiz (1913-1998), who participated
in the Spanish Revolution of 1936, dies in Melbourne after a long

2006 -- US: Providence, Rhode Island Anarchist Bookfair.


Favorite photo of the day:

"Fifteen million hand grenade banks to go to children."

— Outlook, 6/18/1919

— anti-copyRite 2000-3000, more or less

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