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Daily Bleed for the 1st of July

Bleeding in full, coupla links, cupla pitchers,

Conspirator, anarchist,
rival of Marx,
assassin of God.



AND, most importantly, JULY is . . .
Anti-Boredom Month, National Baked Bean Month (Stand Back!),
Tahiti Awareness Month ...

FIRST WEEK: Be Kind To New Jersey Week;
National Canned Luncheon Meat Week

SECOND WEEK: Mosquito Week


1st Thursday: International Cherry Pit Spitting Contest
3RD WEEKEND: International Brick & Rolling Pin Throwing
Tournament (US, UK, Canada, Australia)
LAST SUNDAY: Pile of Bones (Canadian Picnic)


1804 -- George Sand lives, Paris. Pseudonym of
Amandine-Aurore-Lucile Dudevant. French Romantic writer,
life-style anarchiste, noted for her numerous love affairs
with such prominent artists as Prosper Merimée, Alfred de
Musset, Frédéric Chopin, & others.
Daily Bleed Saint 2003.

1876 -- Michael Bakunin dies, Berne, Switzerland.

The liberty of man consists solely in this: that
he obeys natural laws because he has
himself recognized them as such, & not
because they have been externally imposed
upon him by any extrinsic will whatever,
divine or human, collective or individual.

— Mikhail Bakunin, God & the State
1882 -- Susan Glaspell lives, Davenport, Iowa. American
dramatist/novelist & founder of the Provincetown Players in 1915.

1892 -- US: Homestead Steel Mill strike begins in Pennsylvania,
leading to large-scale battles between workers & anti-labor Pinkerton
agents. Carnegie handed over the operation over to Henry C. Frick, a
frank & brutal union-hater.

1898 -- Jingo Bells?: Macho Teddy Roosevelt
charges up San Juan Hill, more or less.

Then the Black 10th Cavalry charges Spanish
forces & saves Teddy Roosevelt's
"Rough Riders."

1910 -- US: July - October, 1910 ILGWU organizes a second
large strike which featured 50,000 cloak-makers. Taking their
lead from the women, this mostly male strike won uniform wages,
a shorter work week, & paid holidays. As a result of the strikes
in 1909 & 1910, the ILGWU swells in membership.

And we gave new courage to the men
Who carried on in nineteen-ten
And shoulder to shoulder we'll win through
Led by the ILGWU
hail the waistmakers of nineteen-nine
making their stand on the picket line,
Breaking the power of those who reign
Pointing the way, smashing the chain

The Uprising of the 20,000, dedicated to the
Waistmakers of 1909

1916 -- France: 20,000 slaughtered on the first day
of the Battle of the Somme.

1916 -- US: Social dance & benefit for the defense funds of David
Caplan & Enrique & Ricardo Flores Magón, held in Los Angeles.

1917 -- US: 8000 anti-war marchers demonstrate in Boston.

"The Masses" & other periodicals containing antiwar
articles are soon banned from the mails; 65,000
conscientious objectors; 900 imprisoned under
Espionage Act; 450 arrested in Green Corn anti-draft

Many workers & radicals jailed or deported, under often
absurd pretexts, to stifle dissent or bust unions.
Socialists have made gains in elections, & summer
antiwar meetings draw 5,000, 10,000, 20,000.
First open urban riot(?) involving black & white
youths(?) occurs in East St Louis.

1931 -- Arhoolie Records founder Christian A. Strachwitz,
lives, Gross Reichenau, Lower Silesia, Germany (now
Bogaczów, Poland).

"I never really looked at it [ARHOOLIE RECORDS]
as a business. I only recorded something because I liked
it. If I even thought it had a commercial potential, I'd
probably reject it."

1932 -- US: Summer. Farmers in Iowa blockade roads, arm
themselves with pitchforks & shotguns & refuse to allow farm
produce to go to market.

"If this country ever needed a Mussolini, it needs one now."

— David A. Reed, Senator, Pennsylvania

1935 -- Rini Templeton lives, Buffalo, New York.
American expatriate artist, activist, worked closely with
Mexican socialist & labor movements.

1954 -- US: In New York City, July 1954, Russell Blackwell,
Esther & Sam Dolgoff form the Libertarian League; included
folk-singer Dave Van Ronk, &, for a short time, Murray Bookchin.
Earlier, in 1949, Gregory P. Maximoff initiated the Libertarian Book
Club just prior to his death in 1950.

1970 -- US: Women Against Daddy Warbucks
destroy 1-A files in eight New York City draft boards.

1977 -- Native American activist Leonard Peltier is sentenced
to two life sentences for being somewhere in the general proximity
of two armed & dangerous FBI agents who died while attacking an
American Indian Movement encampment.

The FBI had been terrorizing the Lakota Reservation in a
COINTELPRO-type operation for some time prior to the shoot-out.

1983 -- Bucky Fuller, Canadian engineer,
inventor, social theorist, dies.

Invented large golf balls for people to live in.

1985 -- France: On the night of the June 30th/1st July, the print shop
producing the Parisian daily newspapers is paralyzed by saboteurs
in support of a prison uprising.

1997 -- US: David Thoreau Wieck, an anarchist theorist, educator,
& activist, dies. Life-long companion of Diva Agostinelli.

2002 -- US: Thousands of artists, anarchists & activists turn out
for "Open Admissions," held during the Grand Opening of the
Wakandan Embassy in New York, in order to sign up for
Wakandan citizenship.


"Freedom without Socialism is privilege & injustice,
& Socialism without freedom is slavery & brutality"

— Mikhail Bakunin


— anti-copyRite 2010

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