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Daily Bleed 6.27.10

He labored hard & failed at last,
His sails too weak to bear the blast,
The raging tempests tore away
& sent his beating bark astray.
But what cared he
For wind or sea!
He said, "The tempest will be short,
My bark will come to port."
He saw through every cloud a gleam ­­
He had his dream.

— Paul Laurence Dunbar, from "He Had His Dream"

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Writer & activist editor of "Mother Earth," exile, she knew
innumerable jailings, revolutions, love affairs. The most
dangerous woman in America.

Provence, France: FESTIVAL OF THE THRASQUE. The man-eating
monster charges down city streets, snapping at people.



1605 -- In Valladolid, Spain, Cervantes & his poverty-stricken
family are arrested & charged with complicity in the death of a
nobleman (exonerated a few days later).

1869 -- Anarchist rebel, feminist & anti-militarist Emma Goldman
lives, Kaunas, Lithuania.

1880 -- Deaf, mute, blind socialist Helen Keller, lives (1880-
1968), Tuscumbia, Alabama. American author, activist, socialist.
Wrote fluently about her life: The World I Live In; The Song of
the Stone Wall

1905 -- "Wobblies" (Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)),
a radical union, founding convention begins, Brand's Hall, in
Chicago, Illinois.

1907 -- Emma Goldman back in New York City
in time to celebrate her 38th birthday.

1917 -- Emma Goldman & Alexander Berkman act as independent
counsel in their conspiracy trial; Goldman denies charge that she
stated, "We believe in violence & we will use violence" at the
May 18 meeting.

After a brief jury deliberation, they are both
found guilty & given the maximum sentence — two years in prison &
$10,000 fine. Judge Julius Mayer recommends their deportation as
undesirable aliens. Goldman's plea to have sentencing deferred is
denied; Goldman taken to Jefferson City, Mo., & Berkman to
Atlanta, Ga., to begin their sentences.

1918 -- Emma Goldman spends her birthday in agonizing
pain, induced by strain from her prison work.

1919 -- Emma Goldman celebrates her 50th birthday in prison.
Especially touched that William Shatoff sends her a bouquet
of flowers from Russia.

1925 -- Emma Goldman, on her birthday, marries James Colton, an
elderly anarchist friend & trade unionist from Wales, in order to
obtain British citizenship & the right to travel & speak more widely.

1928 -- Because F. Scott Fitzgerald is too awestruck by James
Joyce to approach him, bookstore (Shakespeare & Co.) owners
Sylvia Beach & Adrienne Monnier invite the two & Lucie & Andra
Chamson to dinner.

1929 -- Emma Goldman takes time out of a busy writing schedule
to celebrate her 60th birthday with Berkman & visiting American
friends Ben & Ida Capes.

1934 -- Emma Goldman celebrates her 65th birthday in Toronto
with a party attended by 40 friends.

1936 -- Emma Goldman celebrates her 67th birthday with visiting
American anarchist & benefactor Michael Cohn & his family. Too
ill to celebrate with her, Alexander Berkman telephones in the

1939 -- Emma Goldman's 70th birthday is marked in Toronto
with a celebration that elicits cables from friends, comrades,
& labor organizations around the world.

1941 -- Richard Wright awarded the Spingarn Medal, for the power
of his books Uncle Tom's Children & Native Son in depicting "the
effects of proscription, segregation & denial of opportunities on
the American Negro."

1948 -- Australia: Coal workers strike until mid-August
when the government calls out the troops to suppress it.

1950 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Truman orders
US air & naval units to South Korea, which was invaded by North
Korea. He also announces the dispatch of a 35-man military
mission to the newly formed state of Vietnam, to teach the use of
US weapons. Apparently they see light at the end of the tunnel
& send back bad advice:

send more.

1954 -- CIA-sponsored rebels complete their overthrow of the elected
government of Guatemala.

When we butchered your son, boys
When we butchered your son
Have a stick of our gum, boys
Have a stick of our bubble-gum
We own half the world, oh say can you see
The name for our profits is democracy
So, like it or not, you will have to be free
'Cause we're the Cops of the World, boys
We're the Cops of the World

— Phil Ochs

1960 -- Pierre Monatte (1881-1960) dies. A central figure
of the French anarcho-syndicalist movement. Influenced by Emile
Pouget, friends with Albert Camus, & a former Communist
Party member, he fought the Stalinist influence & reformist
positions of the trade unions.

1967 -- "Show me a man who lives alone & has a perpetually dirty
kitchen, & 5 times out of 9 I'll show you an exceptional man."

— Charles Bukowski, 6-27-67, over 19th bottle of beer.

as the knife stopped spinning
the answer came:
you're going to have to
save yourself.
still smiling,
a: he lit a
b: he poured
c: gave the blade

1969 -- New York City police storm into the Stonewall, a Greenwich
Village gay bar. They're expecting a routine raid. But many young
men are emboldened by recent race rebellions & escalating
resistance to the Vietnam War.

They feel it's time to take direct action. In less than an hour,
the police harassment at the Stonewall ignites a full-scale riot.
The battle raged in the surrounding neighborhood for nearly
a week. Within a month, organizations spring up across the
country to resist similar oppression & to support the
Stonewall rioters. The modern lesbian
& gay rights movement has begun.

The basis of future Gay Pride Days.

1973 -- Ida Mett dies. Member of the "Dielo Truda" group from 1925
to 1928. Russian anarchist, married to Nicholas Lazarevitch,
who helped her gather documentation for her book, The Kronstadt
Uprising 1921

1986 -- World Court rules US support for Nicaraguan "contras"
violates international law.

1997 -- US: Speakeasy Cafe, Seattle Hempfest
Benefit, with Artis the Spoon Man, songster Jim Page,
et al.

2008 -- Germany: Bavarian man torches his 1995 BMW outside Frankfurt's
convention center to protest skyrocketing gas prices. Police consider charging
him with violating German environmental laws.


"[Anarchism is the] philosophy of a new social order based on
liberty unrestricted by man-made law; the theory that all forms
of government rest on violence, & are therefore wrong &
harmful, as well as unnecessary."

— Emma Goldman

— @nti-copyRite 1997-8666 or thereabouts

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