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Daily Bleed for 5.19.10

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MAY 19

Petty criminal, prisoner, convert to Islam, one-time spokesman
for Elijah Muhammad. Embracing a more enlightened orthodox
Islam, he was assassinated by the FBI or Black Muslims.
Revolutionary genius & martyr.

Brittany: PARDON OF THE POOR: Pilgrimage of poor
to shrines of St. Yves.


1850 -- Four thousand Mexican miners gather in Sonora, California,
to protest the Foreign Miners' Tax, which was enacted to drive
them from gold fields.

1890 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Vietnamese Leader Ho Chi Minh lives.

1895 -- Cuban revolutionary Jose Marti dies, Dor Rios, Cuba.

"I lived in the monster & I know the entrails."

1896 -- Dimple-producing machine patented.

1897 -- Oscar Wilde is released from Reading Gaol.

London is too full of fogs & serious people.

Whether the fogs produce the serious people or
whether the serious people produce
the fogs, I don't know.

1902 -- US: Explosion in Coal Creek, Tennessee kills 184 miners.

1904 -- Daniel Guerin lives (1904-1988). One of France's best
known revolutionary activists & thinkers, libertarian communist,
anti-colonialist, Gay Rights militant, anti-militarist.

1910 -- "We're Back!!" US Marines land in Bluefields & Corinto,
to "protect US interests." The US invaded earlier, in 1907, when
the "Dollar Diplomacy" protectorate was set up. They leave
(Sept. 4), then come back again in 1912 for some serious
10 year protection.

1920 -- US: The Battle of Matewan.

1925 -- Malcolm X lives, as Malcolm Little, Omaha, Nebraska.

"The common goal of 22 million Afro-Americans is respect
as human beings, the God-given right to be a human being.
Our common goal is to obtain the human rights that America
has been denying us.

We can never get civil rights in America until our human rights
are first restored. We will never be recognized as citizens there
until we are first recognized as humans."

1928 -- First annual Frog-Jumping Contest, Calaveras County,
California. The current record is held by Rosie the Ribiter from
Santa Clara, California. Rosie made the record-setting 21 feet,
5-3/4 inch jump in May of 1986.

1932 -- Sing For Your Dinner?: US Congressman Claude
introduces a resolution requiring all Civil Service employees to
"sing, write or recite the words to the 'Star-Spangled Banner'"
by memory.

1934 -- US: 10,000 participate in "No More War" march, New York City.

1934 -- Boris Karloff/Bela Lugosi movie "The Black Cat" is released.

1952 -- Dramatist Lillian Hellman advises the House Committee
on Un-American Activities (HUAC) that she refuses to testify
against friends & associates:

"I cannot & will not cut my conscience
to fit this year's fashions."

1954 -- Modernist composer Charles Ives dies.

1954 -- Postmaster General Summerfield approves CIA
mail-opening project in the Land of the Free.

"The highest ambition of the integrated
spectacle is still to turn secret agents into
revolutionaries, & revolutionaries into
secret agents."

— GUY DEBORD, 1988

"A few years back, a man high up in the CIA name
Ray Cline was asked if the CIA, by its surveillance
of protest organizations in the United States, was
violating the free speech provision of the First
Amendment. He smiled & said:

'It's only an amendment.'"

— Howard Zinn, The Zinn Reader, pp412-13.

1956 -- US: 15-megaton bomb dropped in South Pacific causes
radiation levels in the US to rise 10 times above normal.

1968 -- France: 1968 Uprising continues.
Two million workers are now on strike.

"Our situations will be ephemeral, without a future.


Our only concern is real life; we care nothing about the
permanence of art or of anything else. Eternity is the
grossest idea a person can conceive of in connection
with his acts..."

— Report on the Construction of Situations & on the
International Situationist Tendency's Conditions of
Organization & Action

1968 -- England, Laos, Spain, South Vietnam:

>The British government denies any intention of
forcibly returning immigrants who had settled in.

>The revolt of the students & workers in
France is part of a world-wide ferment, says Lord
Brockway, addressing the Movement for Colonial Freedom.
A disastrous racial war was inevitable in Rhodesia & South
Africa, which perhaps might spread to Britain.

>Hippies are being expelled from Laos.
The government is 'disturbed' by the reputation they are
giving the country.

>Hundreds of Madrid students fight the police after
6,000 had attend a performance by Raimon, Spain's protest
singer. Banners representing Che Guevara were carried.

>Vietcong guerrillas make a rocket attack on the heart of Saigon.

>In the US students in Berkeley are arrested; a student protest is
held in New York; an attack on an ROTC center occurs in Baltimore
— the old world seems to be "on the ropes."

1969 -- US Supreme Court overturns Timothy Leary's conviction for
crossing from Mexico to Texass with marijuana & overturns two
anti-marijuana laws.

1986 -- Nicholas von Hoffman expresses skepticism about Nancy
Reagan's anti-drug campaign. Noting the First Lady's "dead eyes &
death mask smile," he asks,

"Can you think of a well known American with less
chance to influence the green-haired, angel-dusted,
coke-sniffing teen-agers prancing through the school
corridors than this prissy inanimate lady?"

1990 -- US: Culver City, Cal. school bans Little Red Riding Hood.

[We suspect it's because of her darn commie porn photos.]

1991 -- Kuwait: Man is given 15 years
in prison for wearing a Saddam T-shirt.

1997 -- Colombia: Two international human rights workers, Mario
Calderon & Elsa Alvarado, plus Alvarado's parents, are shot dead
in Bogota by paramilitaries.

1997 -- US: "Art & Revolution" anti-corporate procession
unexpectedly parades through downtown Seattle with hundreds
of dancers, giant puppets, stilt-walkers, street theatre
participants & general spectacle.

2161 -- You Should Live So Long?: Syzygy: 8 of 9 planets
aligned on same side of sun.

All are stacked against you.

Yes, you, you misaligned (mal)content!


Children ask the really dumb stupid questions:

"Why can you buy stuff with real money but not
with play money. They're both just pieces of paper."


— Auntie Alignment, 1997-666

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