Monday, March 22, 2010

Witness Ye, The Rebirth of Drunken Poetry!




8:30 - 10:30 in the PM

The Way Things Work
Readings operate on a first-come first-serve sign-up basis. Our time is limited so we’re looking for something in the ballpark of three poems of moderate length or one long poem and one short from each reader. You must however submit a piece to be read by the Designated Drunk, who will be chosen at the end of each reading or shortly after and will be informed well before the next reading. We encourage the buying of drinks for the Designated Drunk.

Make it good because submissions will be considered for publication on the blogs and anthologized in a chapbook published quarterly by Last Word Press. Since this event will, at least for the time-being, take place in our bookstore, and since we will be JUICING YA'LL UP WITH FREE WINE, (*ahem* sans banquet-license)... this has to be one of those official 'private party' sorts of deals... meaning we will at some point attempt to make a show of locking the door.

Statutes and Limitations:
  • This event is in a bar. You must be at least 21 to read. not currently in a bar, so come one, come all!
  • No nature poetry. It’s been done and there are a thousand other outlets for it in Olympia
  • No Slam. You’re not Saul Williams. That’s okay.
  • Drunken Poetry is not a public therapy session; don’t try to turn it in to one.
  • Unless it’s extremely well written we don’t care about that time you tried to kill yourself when you were sixteen. Try again.
  • Drink, write, edit, submit, read, drink, repeat.
And, conveniently enough, the poetry reading will stagger off stage just in time for everyone to stumble over to Jazz Night at the Royal to tie a few more on, moron!

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