Thursday, November 05, 2009

Met these kids at the Seattle Anarchist Book Fair a few weeks back and wanted to throw a link up to their very interesting project. That and I'm totally envious. Anyone want to donate an awesome video camera to me and my ongoing projects?

From their site:

"The Motorhome Diaries is the story of three friends, Jason Talley, Pete Eyre & Adam Mueller, who took to the road in early 2009 to search for freedom in America in their motorhome they call MARV. Along the way they talk with the growing number of people who advocate a voluntary society – one where government violence is replaced by freedom and peace.

Driving from the urban jungles to picturesque small towns and everywhere in-between, they they cover the historic shift in power from individuals to the government and the growing movement of those who are fighting back to reclaim their freedom.

They consider their project to be a near real-time documentary since they will post quickly edited videos online so their trip can be viewed on There, you can read their frequently posted content. Videos, photos and media will be posted rapid fire.

If you would like to support or meet up with Jason, Pete and Adam along the way, please e-mail them."

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