Friday, October 09, 2009

EsoZone & The 22nd Annual Seattle Antiquarian Bookfair

Join us this weekend in either Portland or Seattle as our roaming book-satellites begin their quickening takeover of the Pacific Northwest!

We will be at EsoZone in Portland Friday night and all day Saturday.

EsoZone a free “unconference” dedicated to the occulture, outsider art, and life outside the confines of consensus reality.

What is an “unconference”? An event with an agenda set ad-hoc in real time by its participants. At EsoZone, anything can happen. For more information, read the FAQ. You can also learn more or even help plan the event in the forums."

And, for you more northern-dwellers, we will also have representatives at the 22nd annual Seattle Antiquarian Bookfair all day Saturday and Sunday.

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