Friday, September 11, 2009

Upcoming Internships @ Last Word Books

Stay tuned Evergreen students. Our forces are currently crafting over half a dozen self-perpetuating internship positions at Last Word Books to satisfy your college credits and worrying parents, and we write poetic evaluations of the highest quality.

Potential Positions Becoming Available:

Media Guru: Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations, Networking, Graphic Design, Blogging & Web Presence Maintenance

Puppet Master: Vounteer & Events Coordinator

Big Boss: Independent Bookstore Floor Management, Business Management

Library Scientist: Online & In-Store Inventory Management, Shelving, Categorization, Photography of Books

Bookie: Bookkeeping, Finances, Taxes, Charitable Donations, Insurance

Internship Coordinator & Evergreen State College Liason: Networking with the college and overall synergistic umbrella manager of internship program

Print Master: Management of Full-Service Print Shop and Publishing Company, Binding, Distribution, Marketing

Retail Poets: Folks who want to do creative theatre retail and table on road trips while self-documenting, performing, teaching.

Book Angel: Books to Prisoners Liason, Nonprofit work, Social Sciences, Maple Lane & Green Hill Book-Rehab Diagnostician

Please feel free to contact our corporate headquarters and ignorance fallout shelter in downtown Olympia with questions, offers, favors, ideas, money, food, beer, poems, whatever. Check our new website for contact information and lots more:

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