Tuesday, August 21, 2007

“Green Scare”: Minnesota Grand Jury Subpoenas Served i n Seattle and Chicago

This morning, grand jury subpoenas were delivered to an individual in
Seattle, WA and an individual in Chicago, IL. Both have been subpoenaed to
appear at a grand jury in Minneapolis, MN on September the sixth.

When Anthony Wong was subpoenaed in Seattle, the object of the
investigation was not made clear by Erik Swanson of the Minnesota police
and Joint Terrorism Task Force. Wong's account may be found here:

In the case of the person subpoenaed in Chicago, Brandon, it was made
clear that the grand jury is investigating “acts of arson and vandalism
that happened a several years ago in Minnesota state.” Brandon's account
may be found here:

Neither of the two people receiving subpoenas today have been charged with
any crime.

In both instances, Ian Wallace was named as cooperating with the

Grand Juries are secret government investigative bodies that strip
witnesses of their basic constitutional rights. Once you have been
subpoenaed to a Grand Jury, you lose the right to remain silent, the right
to hear evidence presented against you, and even the right to an attorney
in the Grand Jury room. A Grand Jury can jail you without convicting you
of a crime or giving you a proper trial!

Please keep your eyes open for further updates in the coming days, and be
ready to assist in whatever ways these individuals request. It is vital
that we support those subpoenaed by what appear to be politically-driven
grand juries. In the meantime, please be careful about public speculation
concerning this grand jury investigation.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for passing word on. Could you write further about why public speculation isn't helpful?

Gomez said...

OK.... thanks

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