Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Best Reporting on the Recent Stryker Brigade Protests at the Port of Tacoma

Don't worry, any Last Word customers that get jailed or imprisoned are welcome to hold onto their in-store credit or transfer it to a relative or friend. We will also ship books, files, razors, LSD, copies of the Koran, porn or whatever else you want during your stay behind the bars we don't like to frequent. (Just kidding! Really... Jesus Christ what are you doing?!? Ow! OH MY GOD! Stop hurting my arm, please! No... Not the Patriot Act! Nooooooooo!!!!!!)

Tacoma Stryker Protests -- Important Direct-Action Against the Occupation -By noemie maxwell

Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace - excellent coverage and links

Street medics denied access to Tacoma protest - no backpacks allowed inside the protest zone??!!?!! What the fuck?

Democracy Now's coverage

United for Peace of Pierce County's coverage

What KLTV had to say after the ship left - this is what Fort Lewis News linked to

The Columbian's coverage of Strykers in Iraq

Seattle PI's coverage of Fort Lewis Strykers being attacked in Diyala on March 16th - "filled with soldiers from the Fort Lewis-based 2nd Infantry Division's 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment."

Funny, this link doesn't work anymore, though the story was there a few days ago...MEDIA CENSORSHIP!

Fort Lewis News

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