Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Two Gallants Get Fucked With By Houston Piggies

Thanks Gabbo 10,000 and Pitchfork Media! The Two Gallants can be contacted via their myspace page if anyone has questions about support, legal advice, etc. Also, here's another link to eyewitness reports and other info.

When Pitchfork reached Two Gallants on the phone yesterday to talk about the fiasco at their Houston, Texas show on Friday night, singer/guitarist Adam Stephens and drummer Tyson Vogel sounded tired, angry, and slightly bewildered. And they have every right to be.

"It's been a confusing few days," Stephens said. "I guess I'm getting over feeling absolutely powerless in a so-called free and democratic society. It's a sobering feeling to have the law be completely lawless, and feel like there's absolutely nothing I could do. I think everyone there that night felt the same."

Quick catch-up: On Friday night, the Saddle Creek band headlined a show at the Houston club Walter's on Washington. Trainwreck Riders and Langhorne Slim opened. After receiving a noise complaint, the Houston Police Department sent officer G.M. Rodriguez to the club. Rodriguez took the stage as Two Gallants played, and demanded that the band stop performing. When they refused, a melee ensued. Rodriguez shot several people with a Taser gun, and there were numerous arrests. Vogel and Trainwreck Riders vocalist/guitarist Andrew Kerwin and bassist Sean Kohler were arrested and spent the night in jail. Stephens was Tasered, but escaped.

On Sunday, the Houston Chronicle reported that HPD Sgt. Nate McDuell claimed that Rodriguez had been attacked and had acted out of self-defense. Stephens and Vogel said that was far from the truth, and explained their side of the story...Read More...

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