Thursday, August 03, 2006

Escaped Mental Patient Needs Ride to Portland.

Anyone know this guy? Thanks for the random bit of entertainment Craigslist!

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Date: 2006-07-31, 7:49PM PDT

Hello fellow creatures! I just broke out of the looney bin up in Seattle, and I'm taking the bus down to Olympia in a day or two. From there I need a ride to Portland right away, before I'm tempted to slaughter any hippies. I knocked over a liquor store today, so I'll have plenty of gas money to share, as well as some fine polish vodka. I am accompanied by a large (800 lb), deaf, imaginary bear named Percy. I dont have a driver's license, but I watched a lot of Nascar while I was in the nut-house, so I think I could get the hang of it, if you need me to drive. Contact me telepathically with images of Eskimos (yes, they DO exist, it's not just a myth), or call me at (206) 568 - 7127. You can also email me at, just be sure to put Bob Sagat in the subject heading, to throw off the feds and/or aliens.

Looking forward to hearing from you. This is not a joke.

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