Saturday, June 10, 2006


New Scientist Technology - Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites

Why does this surprise anybody? In meatspace if you leave your door unlocked and open the cops can come right in. It's called "plain sight". If you publish information all over the inter-web it's public, plain-sight. So use some common sense people!

Privacy groups worry that "automated intelligence profiling" could sully people's reputations or even lead to miscarriages of justice - especially since the data from social networking sites may often be inaccurate, untrue or incomplete, De Roure warns.
But Tim Finin, a colleague of Joshi's, thinks the spread of such technology is unstoppable. "Information is getting easier to merge, fuse and draw inferences from. There is money to be made and control to be gained in doing so. And I don't see much that will stop it," he says.

thanks to LifeHacker and Mikus Garvus

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thank god i never do anything remotely interesting... now who's laughing my revolutionary friends?