Sunday, May 28, 2006

first attempt at g-mail chatting

a typical conversation between bookstore brains, the following summarizes our total synthesis of the works of human literature we have read to date and really, at least in my humble opinion, is a landmark study in the intricacies of the criminally insane book peddlar's twisted labrynthian cortex and what these closet geniuses have to offer back to the world that keeps them crazy:

12:07 AM Ben: you smell bad!
19 minutes
12:27 AM Ben: really
12:28 AM you smell like an anchovie blue cheese malted that was spilled in someones car in arizona two weeks ago
i only say this as a friend
12:29 AM me: goats fuck your mother in the moonlight with avocados and feta
Ben: how did you find out?
me: i was the moon
or was i the avocado?
Ben: lucky you!
where are you?
12:30 AM me: huzahh
home on the ranch
fuckin-A 26 foot u-haul through a hail and wind storm
Ben: yikes
me: so whitman didn't give me any ex-library books...
12:31 AM they gave me this dude's personal library... 78 boxes of it
Ben: wow!
me: ben is typing... this is wierd. i haven't g-mail chatted yet
yeah, it's some cool shit from the 5 boxes i peeked in... oh my god you should have seen the room i got the boxes out of
Ben: its how i keep with klintron
me: whitman's classical antiquarian book collection
12:32 AM Ben: yummy
me: cool
this is quite effective
what are you doink?
Ben: i'm about to go down town
me: i'm smoking and watching a clockwork orange and looking some books up
oh yeah? at 12:30?
you meetin jess?
Ben: we loaded jes's car with the boxes of books we had up at the house
me: cool
12:33 AM wow. what a great movie.
Ben: so i'm gonna take em over to the store
he he heh
me: cool
my g-ma gave me 4 pounds of clams tonight
Ben: nice
me: i think i just e-mailed you
12:34 AM you're coming to the girls' party yes?
Ben: oh yeah
me: say yes
Ben: you made me join myspace
me: sweet
good old rupie!
Ben: well actually your daughters did
the little hussys
me: i wonder if rupert murdoch has a myspace account
hee hee hee
12:35 AM Ben: yeah it's titled "I wanna smoke ben's cock"
me: whoa... i never noticed that kubrick's either sister or wife does some of the art and sculpture design for the film
well add me as a friend goddammit, i've smoked your cock
Ben: heh heh
me: how private is this anyway? do we want to take this to the next level?
Ben: i think i already did
me: boo-yah!
12:36 AM ben is typing
Ben: i gotta go time to scoot down town
me: ben is typing
we should hang out soon
Ben: yer a drunk
me: fukr
no i'm not!
Ben: oh wait that's me
12:37 AM me: you shameless hoodlum
we're not drunks, we just like to celebrate lots of... things
out like trout
Ben: seeya

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