Monday, January 23, 2006


I just had to post this thing in its entirety, thank yous go out to the genius behind: Yep, another Goddamned blog.

(for Norm Solomon)

I saw the worst minds of my Dad’s generation destroyed by
badness, hysterically partisan, nakedly stupid,
dragging themselves through the pages of the WaPo
looking for angry comments by
tinfoil-hatted bloggers, burning for perceived obscenities
in the blurry machin-
ery of cyberspace,
who laugh at poverty and tatters and spew hollow-eyed
the wit and wisdom of Ken Mehlman’s fax machine,
carefully tailored in the supernatural darkness of
Scott McClellan’s truffle of a heart
And purty mouth, who bares his brains to Hell and
saw Mohammedan demons staggering through the scatological
comments of America-haters and slaves to truth
hallucinating Bill Clinton’s Arkansas against the scholars of war,
O Norm Solomon, you have them pegged, those
who cowered, unshaven, in business college dorm rooms in little alligator shirts, listening
to the Terror through the teevee
while the best minds of my father’s generation died in southeast Asia,
who got busted for DWI in Florida, Texas, and got off
like Bill Clinton,
who wonks and whores and winks and wiggles his way into the
press briefing room year after year with cock and endless balls,
incomparably blind;
who accept Dear Leader’s largesse to catapult the propaganda of an administration hamstrung by the facts, by truth, by Gorgon-ugly reality,
who chain themselves to a solipsistic neocon agenda and when
that chain’s slack is paid out will drag them screaming vomiting through the streets from Battery to holy Bronx from Bellevue to the Brook-
lyn Bridge, through Hope, Arkansas
who Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah like Brooks Brothered cheerleaders
a lost idiot who’s lost battalions of soldiers through neglect to get them armor and armor plating for Humvees and spit on those dead soldiers’ mothers in airports and call them propaganda killers,
who would gladly sacrifice Truth, Justice and the lost American way
under a dagger like Abraham if King George but asks them
yet do not stay their hand before the knife pierces the heart,
who worship access to the powerful more than access to truth
who would gladly trample on the ashes of Murrow on their
way to meet the Great George McClellan, symbiotic union
of Dear Leader and purty Scotty
who are only too glad to weld, duct-tape, Velcro, solder, staple, stitch, paper-clip, lash, lash and lash again the Democrats
to Jack Abramoff the cartoon white man who’s now
pierced with arrows at Little Big Horn, and are trying to make this scandal a bi-partisan thing while eschewing bipartisanism if it isn’t
blind assent to the aforementioned insane neocon agenda
Oh, Howell, O Washington Post, O organ of the military
Industrial complex of the United States of Halliburton
You are not yet ready for the First Amendment,
You are not yet ready for Free Speech, which was a bold but failed experiment.


jurassicpork said...

Wow. Genius. Thanks! Ginsberg did half the work, tho.

L'Immoraliste said...

Ah, but good sir...

All art is theft.