Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Salon.com News | Tearing down the press

Interesting article on The Bush aagenda, and the press.

"The White House and its media allies, echoing a deep-rooted conservative antagonism toward the so-called liberal media, say they are simply countering its bias. But critics charge that the White House, along with partners like Fox News and Sinclair Broadcasting, organizations whose allegiance to the Republican Party outweighs their commitment to journalism, is actually trying to permanently weaken the press. Its motivation, they say, is twofold. Weakening the press weakens an institution that's structurally an adversary of the White House. And if the press loses its credibility, that eliminates agreed-upon facts -- the commonly accepted information that is central to public debate. "

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Hand Bookbindings: Plain and Simple to Grand and Glorious

Amazing collection of hand bound books from the princton library.

Mail Order Brides!!!

Hot Damn! We can order us some women. Oh, sorry. We can become confidants to hot, little Asian honeys by way of e-mail. Well, sign me up.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Leading Edge International Research Group

Just wanted to put this some where i would not lose this sight. If you have some time and intrest in planet metaspace give this page a look.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Last Word .....Press?

So last night after years of dreaming, scheming, and wholesale wishing, the Last Word Books crew finally acquired and moved in, a 1930's vintage Chandler & Price Gordon Platten press! Moving the cast iron behemoth was interesting to say the least, but was managed with all participants retaining all their original digits and toes, and no hernias or (major) back injuries.
This is an early announcement, as we are still looking into sources for type, but be looking for us to begin publishing orginal NW poetry in the near future. (and if you happen to be a local poet, or even not so local, drop us a line.)
Thanks go out to everybodies' favourite Gaelic punks Eamon and Kegan for their help moving the press. Although, from the lustful, junkiesque gleam in their eyes as they eyed the press, all of us get the feeling there may be some ulterior motivation for them making sure there is a press readily available to their nefarious purposes.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

When Corporations Rule the World

Yet an other cool new page found on Deoxy.org

When Corporations Rule the World

Seizing The Media

this has just recently been added to the archive over at deoxy.org take a second to look around the rest of the sight if you are not familliar with what they do.

SEIZING THE MEDIA is a work in progress. The version that you are holding is the second to circulate. As Immediast thinking and strategy develops, this leaflet will grow and change, and new versions will circulate.

IMMEDIAST projects are against all forms of coercive communication, cultural monologue and media control. We acknowledge non-violent public insurgence as a legitimate response to sustained violations by media and state. We recognize the air as public property, and the signals that travel through it to be the domain of the public.......

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Friday, March 04, 2005

Olympia freedom fighter, Rachel Corrie, Letters first published in the Guardian

Rachel�s Letters

Slashdot | Datamining the NSA

quintessence (an association for the re-establishment of information civil rights) has data mined an extensive mailing list related to the Biometric Consortium, which is part of the NSA.

via Slashdot

Press Information | NYPL Digital Gallery Launches

A large, rich treasury of images from the collections of The New York Public Library will be accessible free of charge over the Internet starting tomorrow via NYPL Digital Gallery, according to Dr. Paul LeClerc, President of the Library. "By opening the doors of our acclaimed collections to users over the Internet, we are plunging fully into an exciting new era of Library service," said Dr. LeClerc. "These visual materials, many of which are unique to the Library, will be available to anyone in the world with an Internet connection at any time, free of charge. We see new possibilities for exciting intellectual discoveries and accomplishments by scholars, researchers, and artists from remote locations who will be able to easily use our materials."

via SlashDot

Bill O'Reilly er.... um... SHUT UP!

In his latest endeavors to be "fair and balanced" in pursuit of the fine history of American censorship... er... ah, free speech, Bill O'Reilly is bringing legal pressure to bear on a blogger for linking to one of his columns online.

According to Lawrence Lessig, these threats have no basis in the law, thanks to a Ticketmaster ruling concluding that Hypertext Linking does not violate Copyright.

Stay Free! the blog that the headline links to is asking bloggers to show their support by linking to O'Reilly columns.

via BoingBoing

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Boondocks Censored Once Again

view the controversial comic that's getting Boondocks yanked from countless newspapers across the country for something like the 15th time now. Keep it up Aaron McGruder!

The Raw Story | A rational voice � Counterculture and social change

Nice Interview of DOuglas Rushkoff by R.U. Sirius.

Blog with No Name: Hunter S. Thompson and Deep Throat?

Groovy little conspiracy theory to help lighten the loss.
via Technoccult

"We live in a land...

... of abounding quackeries, and if we do not learn how to laugh we succumb to the melancholy disease which afflicts the race of viewers-with-alarm... In no other country known to me is life as safe and agreeable, taking one day with another, as it is in These States. Even in a great Depression few if any starve, and even in a great war the number who suffer by it is vastly surpassed by the number who fatten on it and enjoy it. Thus my view of my country is predominantly tolerant and amiable. I do not believe in democracy, but I am perfectly willing to admit that it provides the only really amusing form of government ever endured by mankind." H.L. Mencken

I know some people who are constantly drunk on books,
as other men are drunk on whiskey.


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Postcards From Post-Election America

Postcards From Post-Election America

by Stephen Bede Scharper


As a U.S. citizen residing in Canada, I campaigned with Democrats Abroad during last year's U.S. election, attending the Democratic Convention in Boston and helping the group register upward of 30,000 American voters in Canada. Given the excesses of the Bush administration, I concurred with former U.S. President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter that this election cut to the very "soul" of America.