Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Last Word .....Press?

So last night after years of dreaming, scheming, and wholesale wishing, the Last Word Books crew finally acquired and moved in, a 1930's vintage Chandler & Price Gordon Platten press! Moving the cast iron behemoth was interesting to say the least, but was managed with all participants retaining all their original digits and toes, and no hernias or (major) back injuries.
This is an early announcement, as we are still looking into sources for type, but be looking for us to begin publishing orginal NW poetry in the near future. (and if you happen to be a local poet, or even not so local, drop us a line.)
Thanks go out to everybodies' favourite Gaelic punks Eamon and Kegan for their help moving the press. Although, from the lustful, junkiesque gleam in their eyes as they eyed the press, all of us get the feeling there may be some ulterior motivation for them making sure there is a press readily available to their nefarious purposes.

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