Sunday, November 20, 2005

This one's for you Dr. Gabbo

"Sure, podcasting and videocasting may be all the rage--but look out world, because the newest Web 2.0/blogosphere trend is already upon us--baconcasting.

In a blogosphere that leaves no niche unturned, there are already a heaping helping of blogs dedicated to all things bacon--from recipes and restaurant reviews to bacon-related stories and experiences (not to mention Kevin Bacon/Bacon Brothers sightings), everybody's favorite pork-based breakfast meat is one of the web's hottest tags.

To help you make sense of this grease-soaked world of online food coverage, we've prepared this Friday tour of the bacon blogs." Read More...

P.S. This is what Dr. Gabbo looks like, half of him at least. And these are links to his blogs, Spiritual Recycling Warrior, and Poolcasterz. You're a nutball Dr. Gabbo. We should eat peanuts together soon and scratch ourselves and maybe shoot some pool at the redneck bar down the road from my house. Or can you handle the countryside, pretty, pretty, city boy?


Dr. Gabbo said...

I'm touched that you thought of me, Coz. But, as is the lot of revolutionary thinkers and trendsetters, I've moved on from my former muse. Moved on to bigger things. Once, a dedicated effort was required to convice my mates that bacon sandwiches were 'it', but that was back in '03. I haven't had a slice of bacon in probably six months (not shitting you). Perhaps you dig those weird Burger King adverts? Yeah, that was my thing like back in July. (Don't call yourself my friend if you even just thought of the word 'iPod'. Those are not cool. Gheyest fucking thing on the planet.) Google? FUCKING GOOGLE? If you have one iota of trust left for those bastard, I'll hardly pity you when I'm sighting up your sorry wrong-side-of-the-revolution ass. Anyhow, I digress. Bacon was the subject at hand, was dispatched with my pinky finger, and will now wallow in the fetid internet popularity that plagues all once-cool things. Fuck it; life goes on, posers keep in posing, Malcolm Gladwell continues to shame the human race with shitty books, and great minds remain in the shadows of obscurity.

sky said...

the doctor has spoken

Dr. Gabbo said...

Mmmm... A little bit of country would do me nice. Anything to get away from all of these fuckers and their iPods. I'm pretty sure I can secure a few more days off before end of year. I'll bring my David Allen Coe CDs.