Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Douglas Rushkoff's New Book Reviewed!

Get Back In The Box hits the shelves tomorrow I believe. Any hoping-to-be-business-savvy young eco-preneurs out there should get on the bus and scuttle down to Last Word to order this sure-to-be fantastic title before we run out of hyphens.

"Get Back in the Box is not simply a business book. The structure, theories, and examinations spilling out of its pages are pertinent to any structural endeavor, including occult or countercultural movements. After all, this sequel to Cyberia was still written for the same audience: us - the cyberpunk counterculturalists, hell-bent of usurping the Gnostic archons of corporate society. Rushkoff just realizes that we need to beat them at our game, not their own; and he has given us a solid working point from which to start." Read More...

Thanks Key-23!

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