Thursday, October 13, 2005 - Author says Harry Potter is gay

What a way to traumatize a group of twelve year olds. They should lock this man away! I mean really, couldn't these kids be watching something on television instead of having hack sci-fi authors come and talk to their class? Please note extreme sarcasm. But bully for this guy. Harry Potter is gay. And J.K. Rowling shouldn't have sold out to the big guys for all the advertising rights and shit. Screw this stupid industry. The kids should be more important than the cash. I'm sure all those people who argue that "Oprah got this nation reading again!" will blacklist my ass but I could care less. It doesn't count if they're reading shit. My only hope lies in the fact that maybe these kids will go on to discover William Gibson and Philip K. Dick and get away from the mainstream veins of corporate children's "literature."

Oct. 6th, 2005

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- A British cleric turned top-selling author of supernatural children's novels was thrown out of a school where he was delivering a talk after he told pupils that Harry Potter was "gay."

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