Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Arthur Magazine's Strange But Entertaining Blog

Upcoming 'Zine Convention in the L.A. area, waxing eloquent on corporate culture, productive anti-bush fervor & big-ass mushrooms!

What is Arthur?

Arthur Magazine is high quality writing and artwork by some of the nation's finest scribes, cartoonists and photographers: People with good taste, people who break ground, people who have a sense of passion, humor and righteousness for what they're covering. People like David Byrne, Kristine McKenna, Michael Moorcock and Douglas Rushkoff.

"A magazine with moxie . . . which aims to agitate and inspire in much the same way early Rolling Stone and other underground publications did in the 1960s and '70s." -- Los Angeles Times

"Arthur is kind of in a category by itself . . . DIY in its sensibility but far-reaching in its goals." - The Philadelphia Weekly

"Arthur is the American counterculture's answer to the New Yorker." -- The Guardian, Dec 3, 2004


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