Friday, February 04, 2005

Missing John Lennon by Brian Fawcett

Missing John Lennon | Dooney's Cafe | a news service: "I was never much of a Beatles fan. From about 1964 I was more comfortable with the in-your-face middle class pissed-offness of the Rolling Stones. Skittle bands are as English as fish and chips, and the Beatles played skittle music, or would have had the global machinery not picked them up. And who really expected Mick Jagger would turn into an octogenarian aerobics instructor, a kind of parched Richard Simmons with rhythm?
I didn't like the Beatles in the 1960s because they were soft and parent-friendly, and I never saw much reason to change my mind about them, not even during their late 1960s dalliance with Eastern religions and LSD. Since the band broke up in 1970 Sir Paul has played rock-n-roll-for-parents, and the other two, Ringo Starr and the pie-faced George Harrison, weren�t much more than media-approved teddy bears for suburban girls, safe love-objects for the one out-of-control passion they'd be allowed before they hit the donut shops, 200 lbs and three pudgy brats doomed to spend their lives watching cartoons with their parents.
But John Lennon was different from the other Beatles..." read more courtesy of Dooney's Cafe

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