Friday, September 03, 2004

Portable HERF Gun

Portable HERF Gun
Ok so you are a peaceful activist, demonstrating for your cause du jour, and you'd like to be able to "non-violently" protect yourself from LRAD's and whatever new-wave crowd control electronic devices that Shrub's Gestapo may throw at you.
Check out these links
plans for sale to "experienced researchers."
or better yet this link.
and if you know better (or you find better)or find better you should post comments.


Anonymous said...

going to nail the cop shop in my town

Anonymous said...

Step 1: Upgrade cars electronics system
Step 2: Install device in trunk with small disguised dish poking out where the manufacturers logo is
Step 3: Speed until cop starts chasing you
Step 4: Hit button and watch lights go out, then the car start coasting to a peaceful non-violent stop.
Step 5: Pull over and stop so you don't crash while laughing, once composure has been regained haul @$$ out of there.

James Stripes said...

Reading William Gibson's new novel, Zero History sent me snooping around the web for HERF guns and led me here.