Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Library book '100 years overdue'

And I thought I was bad!
A borrowed book has been returned to an Inverness library nearly 100 years overdue incurring a £5,000 fine.via BBC

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Anonymous said...

When I was about 17 I told my Teacher that I was sad to think about how the ancient Library at Alexandria was gone. Just think, I enthused, of all the wonderful things that were in it that we'll never know about!

He was quite the stoic (and one of the few truly radical thinkers I've ever known). He replied thoughtfully, "Yes. But think of all the crap that was there, that we'll never have to be bothered with!"

I had read several accounts in ancient literature of what had happened to that library, and I asked him which he thought was accurate. "None of them," he said. "I think people kept checking books out and not returning them."