Saturday, August 28, 2004

DOOM! CHAOS! and the RNC

spasticrobot: A Wende for Our Times; NYC, the GOP and hundreds of thousands of techno-protestors

One of the better analyses/predictions of a wholesale cluster fuck in NYC for the RNC. This one utilizing SF author Bruce Sterling's concept of a "wende."

Sterling describes the Wende as, “rumor, boosted by electronic and digital media, in a feedback-loop with crowd dynamics and modern mass transportation. A non-linear networking phenomena”. He goes on to say that by identifying the Wende city officials ensure that the event will come to pass, “There are things you can do, of course, put police and firefighters on overtime. Hire more private security. Disaster control for lights, traffic power, data. Open the shelters and stock first-aid medecine and warn the whole population. But when a city tells its people a Wende is coming that guarantees the Wende will come.”

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